Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goth Punk Mikuru in the Snow


Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS! Really? Is it really? Yes...yes it is.

I've been up to quite a bit of lazy activity, that is to say, I've been doing nothing. Apart from work I'm enjoying just sitting around the house and for good reason: I can't leave. As you can see by the photos here and here, I've got about a foot and a half of snow in my neighbourhood making driving impossible. We'll be getting a white Christmas for the first time in ages which is wonderful!

Other than working, I was able to complete the first 2 series of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. I highly recommend that to anyone who likes murder mysteries and stories about the daily life of students. Little Big Planet released its Metal Gear Solid addons which I purchased for the grand total of $13.38 CND over the PSN. I was able to 100% everything in a few hours but I'm really happy to have all the extra stuff. The paintball gun is priceless.

I don't expect to go out boxing day and if I do it'll just be to the new Walmart down the street with the Moores, HMV, EBGames, etc...I'm also probably going out to dinner this Saturday to plan for my Japan trip in April and get some hotels booked. Sunday is the gift exchange with my beloved VOCALOID family, I look forward to that. Other than that, it seems I've got about 10 more days of downtime before school starts again!


I managed to scoop off the foot and a half of snow from my picnic table in the backyard where I usually do outdoor shots, and get Goth Punk Mikuru set up out there. She has a nice stand so I didn't mind putting that on the thin layer of snow I scrapped off. This model is 1/7 scale and stands about a foot high. She's made by Griffon. For those of you who are interested, I did a photoshoot in the summer with Gothic Lolita Haruhi by the same company. Gothic Lolita Nagato comes out this January.

The rest of the shots can be seen after the jump:

Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Nendoroid Shana


Now to present the rest of the pictures I took yesterday. The Nendoroid Shana I find to be of quite impressive quality. The eyes are a brilliant red and the necklace and jacket simply complete this figure. I also am loving the variety of faces available. Next arrival for me will be the figma Shana with transparent hair at the end of the month!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Figure Shoot December

I've got a big post to do here as I haven't exactly updated my blog in the last 3 weeks. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons why, to be honest. Good news is I'm on Christmas vacation now with all of my exams and projects finished and Spring semester starting January 5th.


The simple reason for not updating my blog is that I've been too busy with school to even watch anime or take pictures of the figures I've received (after delay) therefore I've not had any content to show. The last few weeks have been rather stressful for me as well; not with school but with issues that have been on my heart. I did some ignorant things and remained in the dark about them until I had to be slapped in the face and shown what exactly I did. I feel I settled the bulk of the tensions last night and can finally move on. I'm now looking forward to seeing my VOCALOID family again on Dec 28th for a gift exchange. Of course, it'd be even better if I could see a few of them before then but people are quite busy and hanging around with a guy like me isn't exactly top priority ^^;. I did, however, have a good time with Tara a few nights ago playing Smash Bros Brawl. I think I played more in that sitting than I'd ever played in my entire life (which is sad). I'll most definitely be cosplaying Ike in the future with a group.

I've been a little a lot behind on gaming and anime recently. However I did manage to complete Gurren Lagann last night (which is an awesome show) and I've been keeping up with the Tora Dora and Hyakko subs. Next on my list will probably be Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni or something else that pops up. Game-wise, I haven't had the chance to try out Home for PS3 yet and I haven't even yet played Force Unleashed or Mirror's Edge. I'll find time to get those played before I get Prince of Persia for Christmas (yes I know what I'm getting). Currently I've been playing the Mother 3 fan-translation for GBA...on my PSP. It's a good light play for me before bed and I should have it finished this week.

On a completely unrelated note, I have a friend who started up a blog and wants publicity. Considering his blog is very much like the rantings of a certain squirrel over at Neurotically Yours I think some of you might find the writing creative and entertaining yet very much offensive. If interested, head on over to "I Can't Believe It's Not A Blog, Except It Is".


And now to show what you who have all come from external sites, have come to see. Figure releases have gone haywire since October where there was supposed to be many different releases which got pushed to both November and December. I've now received all but Goth Punk Mikuru (which is now in shipping) and then I'll be waiting for the Nagato's release in January, Shana figma in December, and the KAITO Nendoroid in February. The most unpleasant part of all of this is that the economy has gone to crap since I placed all of these orders and the cost after exchange and shipping to individually ship the Mikuru ended up being $140 CND. Considering it retails for 8,000 JPY and I paid $104 CND for Gothic Lolita Haruhi by the same company, I think $140 was about $20 more than I would have paid if I had the chance to buy it in person.

So today I had some light in my room and I decided to take out the camera and get some shots of my new figures. I haven't yet taken pictures of Miyuki figma (Lucky Star), I'll wait until another day before I do that. I'll show you all the Shana Nendoroid tomorrow because today I'm going all VOCALOID and I'll be showing you both the figma and Nendoids!

Much more after the jump:

It's awesome how they come with a blank face and some stickers. I made a custom Len face.

Len is not happy in his sister's clothes.

And a little preview of tomorrow's gallery:

I need to get all of these shots on my portfolio this weekend as well.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nendoroid November


First off I'd just like to mention that I've finally reached the last week of school. I'd like to say, "The only thing I have to do now is..." but unfortunately things are not that simple. I've become extremely busy of course wrapping up final projects, doing documentation, registering for courses, and preparing for two tests (one Monday one next Friday). I'm frequently seeing my VOCALOID family now which makes me very happy. I wish I could see more of them but unfortunately I'm too busy until I finish tests and projects and they all live too far away. Just when I'm hoping everything is going well I have to get all anxious and overthink things...I really need to learn to take it easy.

On another note, I was inspired by a friend to resurrect my DevArt: HERE. I don't know how often I'll even update it but it'll mainly be random design things or photography since I don't exactly draw anymore. On that topic though, I did enroll myself for a general "Drawing for Inquiry" course this Spring which I get to take with friends. Awesome.


Got a hefty box in the mail this week! Finally I get to hold the twins in my hands after months of waiting. Shana and Miyuki are adorable too. It's a shame how all the figure releases have been a bit delayed...The twins were due out in October along with the figma versions. I'm still waiting on Goth Punk Mikuru to come in stock before I ship the figmas or they'll end up getting shipped automatically and I have to pay for shipping twice over (Hobby Search is holding the figmas until Dec 1). The Canadian dollar has sunk down about 20 cents since when I ordered all of these so, you guessed it, I'm paying 20% more for everything now. It's almost becoming more worth it to just buy these at an anime store locally since I'm paying so much for shipping now.

Oh well! Here's some pictures of the loot. You can expect a proper photo shoot once I'm out of school. I'll be so bored here at home I'll probably take at least an hour with each figure to take proper pictures.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tsuruya & Kimidori Arrive


Sincere apologies if it seems as if I've dropped off the face of the earth. I've got two more weeks left of school so everything is obviously wrapping up. Today I just finished a giant book report and I've got a 10 page documentation to START on tonight...due tomorrow. I managed to get a few shots this afternoon in the light of my new figures. Hope you like them! By the way, I have a big shipment currently in the post. As soon as I get them I'll find a way to take proper pictures of them and post them here ASAP. It's no secret October was very lacking for releases. Most got pushed to November.


Two girls who may not be what they seem...

More pictures after the jump:

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Little Big Experience

I picked up Little Big Planet the day the servers went online and was greeted with the cutest narrated opening credits ever. You start off as your little sackboy and your run by the names, learn to crawl, learn to jump, and learn to burn in a pit of fire as you forget to jump out of the mine cart. The game's story mode is occupying most of my time despite being marketed as a "level-creator" kind of a game. It's the most fun when playing with other people but it can become very hard and frustrating because the camera always seems to follow the wrong person and many times your friends will die and use up all of the spawn points.

The online mode has been quite fun. There are so many creative levels but also so many bad ones. Within the first few days while the servers were getting hammered there was extreme lag which seems to be almost completely fixed now. There's very little time between transferring from your pod into a user made level. Although I haven't made a level myself yet, I'm very interested in making some ramps with a rocket skateboard...those levels are the funnest.
More after the jump:

The pod is where you live, you can decorate it with stickers and decorations (and also yourself while you're at it) and invite up to 3 other people to hang around in here and mess it up with bad-looking props. From here, anyone in your pod will "follow" you into levels.

A common misconception about Little Big Planet has been, "You can't die". This is extremely untrue. Some parts of the levels will be so painstaking you'll have to kick everyone out and do it yourself just to make it easier. First there's spikes...then later there's fire and explosives...and finally...electricity. You'll become very accustomed to the high-pitch squeal followed by a *pop* when your Sackperson touches something electrified. It's all very humourous, though...unless you're going for the "Get through the level without dying" trophy. There's a new costume waiting for you at the end if you manage to do it.

And what customizable game would be complete without popular custom characters. I'm sure most people have seen these by now, but here are some parts to make up a Sephiroth and a Snake Sackboy. I haven't heard of the method to obtain these yet but it just shows that Sony will most likely be holding promotions or utilizing their PSN Store to make some cash off of people who want a little bit more for their Sackperson.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

VOCALOID Formal Cosplay


Hurrah! I had a fantastic Halloween. I went to an awesome party at SFU on Thursday as Kaito, sat around and played Rock Band in Urahara cosplay on Friday (and went trick or treating as a Bleach trio), and then had the best family reunion - VOCALOID that is - in formal wear @ UBC on Saturday. It was my first time meeting up with them since AE. I somehow won the "bonus cosplay" prize at the dance just for being Kaito - some kind of awesome super sentai mask. We took some really great shots which I'd like to share. More after the jump:

We paid a photographer at the booth set up there to do these awesomesauce shots of us. By far the best one is this, Aku no Musume overdramatic poses:

To Do:
-Catch up on Tora Dora & Hyakko and blog about them
-Think about starting Kyou no Go no ni
-Watch Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (the new OVA release)
-Some time soon start Gurren Lagann
-Blog about Little Big Planet

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DJ Max Clazziquai


So Halloween is now over. Sorry I haven't had the chance to post for the last week. I had 3 awesome days of Halloween and I plan to share some pictures with you all later when I get the chance (tonight or tomorrow). I've been playing Little Big Planet for PS3 and DJ Max Clazziquai for PSP. I'll be showing a bit of how that game works in this post. School is getting pretty busy again but I can be thankful the projects are spaced out a little better than the last time I had them all due.


There's been some delays...most of what I was expecting to be in stock in October have moved to November releases (this is Griffon Goth Punk Mikuru and the Kagamine twins Nendoroids and Figma). This just means my November shipment is going to be even bigger. I'm looking forward to it. It's a shame our exchange rate sucks so much because I'll be charged more than I was back when I ordered them.

Games: DJ Max Clazziquai

I've been a DJ Max Portable fan since before the second game came out. For those of you who don't know about it, it's a Korean rhythm game for the PSP (not unlike guitar hero) except it is much harder. I hate to compare it to guitar hero because the concept has been around for YEARS...but a lot of people only really know about the new North-Americanized stuff.

This new version has 48 songs, about 42 of them are brand new (not included in the PC version or other PSP versions) and I'm quite impressed with the quality of them. The new tour mode has been keeping me busy. It presents a series of challenges for the player starting off with 2-Button mode then moving them into 4B, 5B, 6B, and 4BFX (which is 4B + the L and R triggers). Once I beat everything I plan on trying to unlock the 6BFX (8B) mode by putting in my old DJ Max Portable 1+2 UMDs.

Apart from DJ Max I've been playing Little Big Planet, I'll make a post about that later this week (when I do my anime blogging).

Videos of DJ Max in action after the jump:


Favourite song - Clear Blue Sky:

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fraulein Yoko meets Figma SOS


I made a trip down to Guildford Mall after lunch on Thursday and picked up the Fraulein Yoko at the new anime store there. I've been anxiously waiting for a moment of free time for me to be able to take some pictures of her. I decided in the end to see how indoor shots would work as I'll be hibernating for the winter (as you may know, I usually do shots out in my backyard). I should also mention I did my first group shot of the SOS-dan figma as well; I've never had the chance to get them all together until now.

Lots more after the jump:
I really like this Fraulein. It's the first one I've bought and I have to say I love the joints on this quite a bit. To be honest, I haven't even gotten around to watching Gurren Lagann yet but it's at the top of my list of series to watch. I hope you like my attempt at natural-sunlight indoor photography:

Here are the individual shots of the SOS-dan. It's the first time I've had the whole crew together for a proper group shot:

As a bonus, because I love doing part-swapping, here's Yoko as a student at North High:

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