Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I had a long and eventful trip to Japan (If you've been reading). I had some time in the morning before I left to explore Akihabara a bit more and get a few small things I didn't get before (mainly complete a mini-collection of Nendoroid-Petits of Haruhi and Lucky Star) and make a last shop for doujinshi. We took our final hour long train ride to the airport only to find that my dad and I had randomly been bumped up to business class! (poor Jordan wasn't) It was my first time flying business class and boy was I happy. The seats have dividers so there's plenty of room to yourself, you get fussed over for drinks and snacks and you can choose your food. I had filet minion with a garlic shrimp appetizer...lawlllll...the flight went by pretty fast. I watched Golden Compass and finished watching Moyashimon on my PSP. Drive up from Seattle was eventless except for the border crossing taking twice as long as usual because of people cutting in from the duty free...*sigh*

It's good to be home. I didn't go to bed until a normal hour (10:00PM) despite being tired because my internal clock would be off...but I ended up sleeping in until 1:00 so everything's way off now (here I am typing this at 4:30AM). Here's a shot of my Akihabara loot: (It's not as bad as you think, alot of cheap items and over half of them are for other people).

So the trip was great to sum things up just like that. Now I have the next week to look forward to where I have to spend MORE money getting GTAIV (well, trying to), getting more shelves for my models, and going to see Iron Man this Friday. Whoo...

PS: I'm officially not buying anything at AE...or any con for that matter. Maybe not even Crystal Mall unless it's no more than $10 more expensive than I'd pay in Japan.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm writing from Asakusa, Tokyo, just down the street from my hotel. My dad and Jordan are packing and resting and Im waiting for checkout time (half an hour from now). We will be taking the 1 hour train to the airport, then the 10 hour flight to Seattle, then the 2 hour drive home from there. Wish me safety (and patience)!

It was a shame we didnt get a chance to hang out with Keiko (from RCA, my high school) while we were in Japan, but the most amazing thing happened on the way down here. We were in Seattle getting ready to get on the plane to Japan and who shows up at the gate...Keiko! It was amazing, she was on her way back to Japan from California and missed her Seattle flight. If she hadn't missed it we wouldn:t have been on the same flight back to Japan together. So that was really cool...

Yesterday I wrapped up my time in Tokyo by doing another exploration of Akihabara. I got there opening time to watch the hoards of otaku fight over Saber Figma figures and bought the Haruhi one myself. My last dinner was at a sushi bar...that was great. This morning I decided to go to Akihabara one last time to get some small items as well as 2 PSP games from Kengai and Nathan...however...the game isnt out yet! I asked everywhere...so...tough luck guys.

The trip was amazing...I'll write more when I get home. Farewell.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Kyoto

UPDATE: I found the shop which had the Haruhi Suzumiya gender swap manga (melon books)...under an arcade. Daniel will be most pleased. I pretty much bought everything in this picture.

So, here I am in Kyoto staying in a wonderful hotel room. Beds are so much nicer than in my Tokyo hotel and its a whole lot quieter...except that I'm sharing a room with Jordan.

So getting here was pretty cool. Yesterday morning we took a bullet train out of Tokyo towards Kyoto but made a stop along the way to do a scenic tour (on our own) up the the mountains overlooking Mt. Fuji. From the bullet train we switched to a regular subway, then to a mountain subway which goes up around a mountain switching directions to avoid turning around to go up the hill...and then we took a cable car uphill...and finished off with a double-wire gondola ride. Then we did it all the way back, got back on the bullet train, and made it to Kyoto.

Today was pretty good, started off bad as it was quite rainy and miserable but we still did the sight-seeing at the tourist locations like the old Shogun castle and the Golden Pavilion (A gold-plated temple). In the afternoon we went to Nara which is outside Kyoto by about an hour. We visited the buddhist temple which has the worlds biggest wooden building as well as the worlds biggest buddha statue. The park is completely overrun by deer which are so accustomed to people that you can feed and pet them. Today it was wet...so they were smelly...I did not pet them.

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Tokyo. I plan to take another trip to Ikebukuro as well as the Tokyo Dome area to check out a roller coaster which goes through a hole in a building (Jordan's discovery)...and on Sunday all I have to do is go to Akihabara and pick up the PSP games for Kengai and Nathan...then I get on a plane and go home. I'll probably have one more post before I go home.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Japan: Ikebukuro and Akihabara Part II

Whoo! Man I am having a blast here. Yesterday I went out on a bike for the day and went to the tourist locations in Asakusa. I rode to Bookoff and got Zetsubou 1-4 for 250 each then rode up to Ueno park and had a little tootle around. At around 4 I did an Akihabara run to search for more things to complete my shopping list but have yet to find the Haruhi/Kyonko gender-swap doujin I wanted to get for Daniel (I did find two...but they weren`t anything tremendously special).

Today I woke up early and had breakfast with Jordan and my Dad. They ran off to some motorcycle auction so I made my own way across Tokyo to Ikebukuro. When I got there I had to wander around and ask for directions on getting to animate but it was only about a 10 minute detour. I got to go to Otome Road on the way (Fangirl version of Akihabara) and went into a comic store to get Celeste her present (hint hint if you`re reading this Celeste). I got some small trinkets for Nessa and Luke too. Managed to find a Wendys and went there for lunch, it was the same as back home...I should really be eating Japanese food while Im here. While I was in Ikebukuro I also found an HMV and got Dave his presents too.

So here I am...on a computer...blogging...waiting for Jordan and my Dad to get back so we can go to Akihabara and I can try and find Melon Books and hope they have Daniel`s requested item.

In any case, Im having a blast. Tomorrow we leave for Kyoto to do tourist things. The next time I blog will probably be when I:m back here in Asakusa.

Disclaimer: Forgive the lack of apostrophes again...I:m on a Japanese keyboard.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Japan: Akihabara Part I

Whoa! Totally awesome day today in Akihabara. I only got about 1/3 of the shops covered as I wanted to but on the bright side I got my shopping list totally completed. Yes, I spent alot of money on my friends and myself getting exactly everything people wanted...

The streets were closed off to cars so people were all over the place and there were even cosplayers out on the streets. I enjoyed Itachi from Naruto and L from DeathNote performing a skit in the middle of the road where L dies and Itachi holds him and cries...it was so fricken awesome. Apart from them there were crossdressing schoolgirls, Haruhi Suzumiyas by the bundle...and Rei and Asuka...

After that I went down to Shinjuku with Jordan and my Dad (yeah I was in Akihabara alone). We went to the Square Enix showroom (final fantasy museum lol) and I got to buy some small gifts for people (Sonething for Nessa too). We wandered into an ally after that and went to a Sushi bar...wow....it was subarashi (amazing). I then proceeded to the arcade where I whooped some schoolgirls at Taiko drum playing Mottekke sailor fuku and Hare Hare Yukai...lol...I felt wonderful when they clapped at me and went "Sugoi!". No I:m not a creep...shut up...

BTW Yes I am on a Japanese keyboard please excuse the lack of apostrophes.

あ~ is all I have to say. (ah~)

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Safe Arrival

Just letting everyone know I have arrived safely in Japan. I have found a nice little internet cafe here in Asakusa (Tokyo). It`s early morning now and I arrived last night but I was able to play around on a Taiko drum machine in an arcade and get a top score for Hare Hare Yukai. In about an hour I will be going to Akihabara to start the shopping spree. Daniel has informed me of some released on Akiba Blog that I`ll be looking into getting. Until then...

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A day away...

This is probably my last post before I head to Japan! If you guys have anything in mind that absolutely needs to be picked up while I'm there be sure to let me know. I already have quite the shopping list down (pictures and phrases on my PSP).

Officially everything is done right now and grades are starting to come in. My IAT 206 final project is on my site (zacbush.com) and now it's just a matter of time before I get grades for these things. I enrolled myself in CMPT 165 (Intro to the internetz) distance education, I'm 3rd on the waiting list and I'm praying they'll just let me take it...I mean hey it's not like I have to BE anywhere or they can't fit extra people in a room. I also found out the Psychology course I'm taking in the summer is only 6 weeks long, 2 times a week...that's only 12 times I have to make the trip up to Burnaby...not so bad. I found out from Alfred (he took it with the same prof) that it relies mostly on the final exam so I need to make sure I study hard for it (and not procrastinate by making websites and blogs).

Yesterday was great. I ended up going to Metrotown with Alfred and Vanessa and getting Nessa some new clothes. We wandered around Crystal Mall a bit too...but...it seems to have lost the charm it once had for me.

After that we went downtown and met Shane (an AE folk), went to book-off, and went to Gyoza King for dinner. My gosh that place is amazing. If the food in Japan is even as good as that place I'll be in epic-win-land.

So that's it folks, I'll start writing blogs in Japan when I get there.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

The end of all things.

And so this long 2 week period of my life wraps up. Last week, everything was due; this week, I had 2 final exams. I don't feel I did my best because here I am making websites and blogs to avoid studying. However, I do feel I did enough to make me happy and I am confident that my grades for this semester will be overall the best I've done. Now I'm done! (Well, except for that picture or two I need to draw for IAT 206 for our project's website...but that's pretty much play).

One week from now I'll be sitting on a plane headed for Japan...actually...I'll have just arrived in Japan if we go by time. I don't have much of a plan of what to do within Tokyo for the 5 days we'll be there before heading to Kyoto, but I have my shopping list...and I'm pretty much just going to wander around anyways.

I'll be updating this thing as much as I can in netcafés in Japan so you can see what I'm up to and add to the shopping list (if anyone chooses to read this).

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Getting Connected

Here's a list of some cool links and blogs to visit if you get the chance.

Link to me:



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Design Blogs:

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Veerle's Blog - Graphic/Web


Hobby Search
(My highest recommendation)
Hobby Link Japan

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About Me

This blog is retired for now, anything I put here will be out of date, so I'm leaving it blank. Life can change on a dime.

I hope you all like this picture below:
I took it in Japan because where else will you find a chocolate cornet?

Last edited August 12, 2008

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