Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A day away...

This is probably my last post before I head to Japan! If you guys have anything in mind that absolutely needs to be picked up while I'm there be sure to let me know. I already have quite the shopping list down (pictures and phrases on my PSP).

Officially everything is done right now and grades are starting to come in. My IAT 206 final project is on my site ( and now it's just a matter of time before I get grades for these things. I enrolled myself in CMPT 165 (Intro to the internetz) distance education, I'm 3rd on the waiting list and I'm praying they'll just let me take it...I mean hey it's not like I have to BE anywhere or they can't fit extra people in a room. I also found out the Psychology course I'm taking in the summer is only 6 weeks long, 2 times a week...that's only 12 times I have to make the trip up to Burnaby...not so bad. I found out from Alfred (he took it with the same prof) that it relies mostly on the final exam so I need to make sure I study hard for it (and not procrastinate by making websites and blogs).

Yesterday was great. I ended up going to Metrotown with Alfred and Vanessa and getting Nessa some new clothes. We wandered around Crystal Mall a bit seems to have lost the charm it once had for me.

After that we went downtown and met Shane (an AE folk), went to book-off, and went to Gyoza King for dinner. My gosh that place is amazing. If the food in Japan is even as good as that place I'll be in epic-win-land.

So that's it folks, I'll start writing blogs in Japan when I get there.