Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I had a long and eventful trip to Japan (If you've been reading). I had some time in the morning before I left to explore Akihabara a bit more and get a few small things I didn't get before (mainly complete a mini-collection of Nendoroid-Petits of Haruhi and Lucky Star) and make a last shop for doujinshi. We took our final hour long train ride to the airport only to find that my dad and I had randomly been bumped up to business class! (poor Jordan wasn't) It was my first time flying business class and boy was I happy. The seats have dividers so there's plenty of room to yourself, you get fussed over for drinks and snacks and you can choose your food. I had filet minion with a garlic shrimp appetizer...lawlllll...the flight went by pretty fast. I watched Golden Compass and finished watching Moyashimon on my PSP. Drive up from Seattle was eventless except for the border crossing taking twice as long as usual because of people cutting in from the duty free...*sigh*

It's good to be home. I didn't go to bed until a normal hour (10:00PM) despite being tired because my internal clock would be off...but I ended up sleeping in until 1:00 so everything's way off now (here I am typing this at 4:30AM). Here's a shot of my Akihabara loot: (It's not as bad as you think, alot of cheap items and over half of them are for other people).

So the trip was great to sum things up just like that. Now I have the next week to look forward to where I have to spend MORE money getting GTAIV (well, trying to), getting more shelves for my models, and going to see Iron Man this Friday. Whoo...

PS: I'm officially not buying anything at AE...or any con for that matter. Maybe not even Crystal Mall unless it's no more than $10 more expensive than I'd pay in Japan.


puppy52doll said...

your bed looks like a stall front with all that goodies! lol!

BZou said...

HAHA Chuns right! it does! How much for this doujinshi sir?

Fariz Asuka said...

Those are great loots you've got there.. I wish I can buy so much when I go there in the future..

And I see you have 2 nendos Miku.. All for yourself? xD

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