Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Kyoto

UPDATE: I found the shop which had the Haruhi Suzumiya gender swap manga (melon books)...under an arcade. Daniel will be most pleased. I pretty much bought everything in this picture.

So, here I am in Kyoto staying in a wonderful hotel room. Beds are so much nicer than in my Tokyo hotel and its a whole lot quieter...except that I'm sharing a room with Jordan.

So getting here was pretty cool. Yesterday morning we took a bullet train out of Tokyo towards Kyoto but made a stop along the way to do a scenic tour (on our own) up the the mountains overlooking Mt. Fuji. From the bullet train we switched to a regular subway, then to a mountain subway which goes up around a mountain switching directions to avoid turning around to go up the hill...and then we took a cable car uphill...and finished off with a double-wire gondola ride. Then we did it all the way back, got back on the bullet train, and made it to Kyoto.

Today was pretty good, started off bad as it was quite rainy and miserable but we still did the sight-seeing at the tourist locations like the old Shogun castle and the Golden Pavilion (A gold-plated temple). In the afternoon we went to Nara which is outside Kyoto by about an hour. We visited the buddhist temple which has the worlds biggest wooden building as well as the worlds biggest buddha statue. The park is completely overrun by deer which are so accustomed to people that you can feed and pet them. Today it was they were smelly...I did not pet them.

Tomorrow we leave to go back to Tokyo. I plan to take another trip to Ikebukuro as well as the Tokyo Dome area to check out a roller coaster which goes through a hole in a building (Jordan's discovery)...and on Sunday all I have to do is go to Akihabara and pick up the PSP games for Kengai and Nathan...then I get on a plane and go home. I'll probably have one more post before I go home.