Monday, April 21, 2008

Japan: Ikebukuro and Akihabara Part II

Whoo! Man I am having a blast here. Yesterday I went out on a bike for the day and went to the tourist locations in Asakusa. I rode to Bookoff and got Zetsubou 1-4 for 250 each then rode up to Ueno park and had a little tootle around. At around 4 I did an Akihabara run to search for more things to complete my shopping list but have yet to find the Haruhi/Kyonko gender-swap doujin I wanted to get for Daniel (I did find two...but they weren`t anything tremendously special).

Today I woke up early and had breakfast with Jordan and my Dad. They ran off to some motorcycle auction so I made my own way across Tokyo to Ikebukuro. When I got there I had to wander around and ask for directions on getting to animate but it was only about a 10 minute detour. I got to go to Otome Road on the way (Fangirl version of Akihabara) and went into a comic store to get Celeste her present (hint hint if you`re reading this Celeste). I got some small trinkets for Nessa and Luke too. Managed to find a Wendys and went there for lunch, it was the same as back home...I should really be eating Japanese food while Im here. While I was in Ikebukuro I also found an HMV and got Dave his presents too.

So here I am...on a computer...blogging...waiting for Jordan and my Dad to get back so we can go to Akihabara and I can try and find Melon Books and hope they have Daniel`s requested item.

In any case, Im having a blast. Tomorrow we leave for Kyoto to do tourist things. The next time I blog will probably be when I:m back here in Asakusa.

Disclaimer: Forgive the lack of apostrophes again...I:m on a Japanese keyboard.