Thursday, April 10, 2008

About Me

This blog is retired for now, anything I put here will be out of date, so I'm leaving it blank. Life can change on a dime.

I hope you all like this picture below:
I took it in Japan because where else will you find a chocolate cornet?

Last edited August 12, 2008


Plasmatdx said...

oh hey! I live in Surrey! You going to Anime Evolution this year?

I my self has been leaning towards GSC / MF figures, they have high quality standards.

Blogroll exchange?

yuuwaku said...

Heya you've got a nice blog goin yourself :P I like that Kagamiku pic you did haha. Somehow it fits so perfectly lol

I'm down with a blog exchange. I've just added you to my roll! Add me too please :)

Kokonoe.rin_loli said...

Oooh That's so cool... How is Japan? I wish I could visit it (^ - ^)! Mmnn... I just stumbled on this blog but its kind of cool, good luck in college!

gndynames said...

I just saw the message left on my blog. You're on my blogroll now ^_^

Richard OpenHappy said...


I love your site. Would you like to do a link/blogroll exchange with I will need to have a 200xXX banner (or I can create one for you). My banner is at Please email me richard at openhappy dot com. Thx!

- Richard.

samejima said...

Heya Zac. Mind exchanging links?