Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Semester

絶望した~!!! (Zetsubou shita~!!!)

The above means, "I'm in despair!", although...I'm actually really happy. The new semester started last week and already in my Psychology intercession course we've plowed through the first 2 chapters, had a quiz, and a term test. The course is only 6 weeks so it's kind of an express PSYCH 100...although...I'm not having any trouble keeping up it seems to be pretty good if you know the terms. The commute to Burnaby is okay, I park at Surrey and take the skytrain and bus up to the mountain, it's about 40 minutes. I joined the anime club up there which takes place Thursday afternoons, if I ever decide to hang around that late I'll go. I've also still had time to watch my animuu, the picture above shows the 3 series I finished in the last 2 weeks).

The last week I've been doing numerous things, it may be easier just to list them in chronological order:
-Up to last mission in GTAIV.
-Watched the 3 anime shown above (Minami-ke Okawari, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Seto no Hanayome).
-Studied for PSYCH 100, took a test, got 85%.
-Went to the mall with Nathan, Afred, Nessa, and her friend Cyrus.
-Started watching Futurama Vol 3-4 on DVD I borrowed from Jacob.
-Been messing around with my PSP as usual, got it loaded with music now and a PDF reader. Also downloaded Flow, Echochrome, and Beats.
-Started Lord of the Rings again with my dad, we're up to Two Towers Part II.
-Started reading Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series (translation, volumes 1-8), reading it on my PSP via the PDF reader.
-Found a site that gets MP3s from NicoNicoDouga:

Yeah...been quite busy...and I have yet to do anything for my CMPT 165 distance ed. The first "excersise" which is basically making a list in HTML and uploading it isn't due until the 23rd...speaking of which, that's a day after Indiana Jones comes out. Fricken W00T! I've gotta call James up and see if he wants to go with Nessa and I, I'm sure he'll have plans to see it with others too.



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