Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Metal Gear Week


Last week I successfully completed Psychology with a pretty average ranking. I've decided that, although good for credit, I'm not going to be continuing in Psychology (unless I can do another intercession course next summer). However, I am well-prepared for course registration for SIAT in the fall. My online course is going well too with an easy midterm complete and the skills acquired to redo my portfolio using CSS instead of tables: (work still needs to be done in places but overall it functions alot better).

Although my work schedule has been increased 4-fold, I still was able to find time to go to metrotown with Nessa, Hudson, and Jessica , and get beautiful Vanessa a beautiful dress. We then headed back to campus (where I've been spending a bit of time the last week for kicks) and partook in the watching of Library Wars, a cool show that started airing this spring. I'm watching that along with: Ouran Host Club, Pani Poni Dash (not started), Welcome to the NHK! (not started), and Code Geass (don't know if I'll start).

My cosplay came too! Next blog post will have pictures (most likely this Saturday or Sunday).


Despite my Psychology final being the same weekend, I still ended up picking up Metal Gear Solid 4: Limited Edition (CD, DVD, and artbook!) and beating it by Tuesday (last week). I'm now on my second run-through attempting some of the unlockables. It's a really great game and I really enjoy the online mode to tootle around on in my spare time. I've taken MGS3:Subsistence from my store for the week and I hope to play through that to get an idea of the backstory. And if 2 MG games weren't enough, I'm also playing the original Metal Gear Solid on my PSP for the first time. The series is really a good one.


This week I got my 2 Saber figmas (one for Nessa) and my second Nagato. I haven't had the chance yet to start the customization of turning her into Kyonko (a gender-swapped Kyon). Thankfully, I've currently only got a few more to buy before October, but I'm still awaiting reservations to open up for Tsukasa figma of Lucky Star. ^_^


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