Sunday, August 24, 2008

AE08: Convention Report

Anime Evolution 2008 now comes to a close! This year was the first year for the con to be located at UBC instead of SFU and the staff only had a month to plan everything at a new venue. Despite this, I think overall the convention was a great success. Friday was a great day to be mellow and get to hang out with and meet new people. Saturday the dealers were open and it was quite an impressive selection in my opinion. It had a little something for everyone. I'll get started talking about different aspects now before showing you guys some pictures!


My favourite "single" moment was on Saturday when I was dressed as the VOCALOID Kaito, hanging out in the courtyard with some of the other VOCALOIDS. A buddy of mine whispers "Caramelldansen" in my ear and that was enough to get just our group to start doing it. Not 20 seconds later did someone come by with a stereo and start playing the actual song, inviting everyone who heard it to come do it. I estimate between 20-30 people were doing it!

My favourite experience was between 6:00-7:30 on Saturday when we had all of the VOCALOIDS together for a fantastic photoshoot. WOW. Everything was just so fun. I don't know if it was just me (being the only male hahaha) or if it really was just pure win for everyone. Our pictures are so good I wouldn't be surprised if they spread on image boards and overseas.

Today (Sunday) we had a Nico Nico Douga meetup in which we had a HUGE turnout and afterwards a few friends of mine were recorded singing the kumikyoku (medley) in the dealers room and then performing SM9 outside. Man, that was win too.

The "swag" I picked up from AE this year was mostly artwork but on the last day I gave in and bought 2 more figures (outside of my pre-orders). They can kind of be called impulse-buys but they fit my current collection:
--Artwork, bookmarks, buttons from Artist Alley
--Fate/Stay Night wall scroll
--RedXIII & Cait Sith Play Arts
--Gothic Lolita Haruhi by Griffon (I have Mikuru on pre-order)

Expect a photoshoot for that Haruhi when the weather clears up!


I'll show a few of my favourites below. I tried to get the list on this page but the tables weren't being very friendly. I also need to say that this VOCALOID photoshoot was the best thing I've done at a con...period. I haven't had this much fun since the Naruto shoot in 05:

View full gallery HERE.


Saku said...

Wow I am simply amazed by the amount of vocaloid cosplayers.

Impulse buy FTW ^^

Rin said...

Really nice!!!!!!
I did Vocaloid Len for FanExpo...but sadly unlike you, there was only two Vocaloid cosplayers...
It seems that people don't know what Vocaloid is...
I still got hugged like mad for being Len...which is a good thing...
My cosplaying isn't as good as some I see in your pictures
It seems that you had a great time!!!!!

k said...

cool! you did urahara as well. weren't there more like, dark circles around his eyes? did you get to wear your kaito contacts? couldn't see well in the photos.

Persocom-san said...

That is so cool, I wish there was a character I could pull off cosplay of some day. Then again I wish there was a convention I could actually go to someday too. Sounds like you had a great experience ^^

BZou said...

Haha I love the tug of war picture..Wait is it tug of war?? Or is it limbo?

puppy52doll said...

you got... boobie squished?! lol
thanks for sharing! looks like fun! too bad I couldn't make it again this year ;_;

Eddie said...

I was at AE on Saturday but somehow I didn't see you there.

That line for the dealer's room was insane >.<

Gail said...

Hi~ I was the Miku who had a whole group including Meiko~ :D
I just found out on your portfolio site that you're in SIAT too XD But I graduated last year~ XD
Nice meeting you~ ^-^

-Gail aka notgaily on the AE forum

Fariz Asuka said...

OMG its a Vocaloid fiesta.. So many Miku, Kaito and Kagamine Rin.. xD

Anyway, great picture of the convention dude.. ^^

ClearTranquil said...

Hiya Gail ^^ Glad you found the pictures then. You guys had a great group. I also bought from your table.

Eddie, that dealer's room line WAS insane. I got there at around 9:00 in the morning and was luckily in about 5 mins after the room opened at 11:00. I got lucky there! All I got out of it was a good doujin selection, and I got to see the Miku Nendoroids before they sold. Holding WonFest Miku made my day.

Plasmatdx said...

Oh how many Doujins did you get this year? I never bought any doujins before so I bought some this year. I'm so glad I did, they look so much better than the scans you find online.

I mean you can find doujins pretty easily online but they just don't look as good. The scanned images seem to be 'burnt' and you can't see the finer details. I downloaded a so called "high-res" scan of a doujin I bought and it simply doesn't look as good.

I think it's nice having the actual doujin, I cherish the few I have.

Do you also feel the same about online scans not looking nearly as good?

Anonymous said...

I like the Anime Tenchou cosplay with Akira-sama.

Anonymous said...

You make such a good Kaito :D I love the group pic of you all! Hopefully there will be that big of a group at Otakon this year. ^-^