Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gothic Lolita Haruhi Suzumiya

I woke up today fully expecting to sit around and do nothing but sit around until I head to work at 4:00. I looked out the window and found that today would be the perfect day to take my Haruhi statue outside for a photoshoot. For those who don't know, this figure is a 1/7 scale statue by Griffon Enterprises. I picked it up at Anime Evolution this year for $105. It's sold out in many places and if I were to have bought it on eBay (and risked a fake) it would have cost the same after shipping. Remember, Goth Punk Mikuru comes out this October and is a second in the series; Haruhi here being the first. Pantsu shots are included, yes:

.:Additional Photos:.
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In other figure news. Hatsune Miku figma has been successfully ordered from Hobby Search! I ordered it Thursday morning and by Friday afternoon the reservations were closed already. The figure didn't even have time to make the front page of the site before they all sold. The release date is rumored to be Sept 10. I have her set to ship with the Kagami figma releasing in September as well. I plan to order a second Miku from Hobby Link Japan when the reservations open (to keep mint).


Persocom-san said...

You're not the only one buying a second Miku elsewhere. I just want to have an extra in case something happens to her, you never know. I doubt she'll be easy to get ahold of as fast as she's selling out once the wave is over. Nice Goth Lolita Haruhi pix ^^

Otaku Dan said...

I want her soooooooo bad but i heard that she has some flaws to her

gordon said...

nice big eyes judging from the 2nd pic. ^^

Saku said...

T.T I don't even have any haruhi figures. I should get it one of these days lol.

The hatsune miku figma got sold out so fast lol at Hobby Search.

Q said...

@ gordon:
lol good observations...
I am not a fan of gothic lolita outfits, but I like the details on this Haruhi! Planning to get Mikuru one as well?