Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mix it up, Mikuru

SOS-dan is now complete! Although last week I was expecting Mikuru figma to arrive, I got Fate Testarossa instead by mistake. It took Hobby Search exactly 7 days to resolve the issue and ship a Mikuru figma to me free of charge. I've appropriately titled this post "Mix it up" for 2 reasons: First, I've redone my blog graphics and made 3 new banners for the top. They "mix up" randomly so hopefully you'll see all 3 of them eventually. Secondly, I mixed my figma's parts around today to create some mutants. Apart from Mikuru I plan to show those pictures as well.


There's not much to report. I'm doing much better after last week's breakup; still wondering what will happen when I bump into her at the convention next weekend. I've just been working a lot and hanging out with friends to keep my mind occupied. Yesterday I played DBZ:Tenkaichi 2 with Alfred for 2 hours straight. Man, that game is so much fun.


Another beautiful day allowed me to take more pictures. With this the SOS-dan is complete.

Mikuru: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Additional: 1 // 2 // 3


I'm also happy to report that for PSP, released in November, will be a 3rd DJ Max Portable game released in North America (the previous 2 were Korea and Japan only). It will be titled DJ Max Fever and as far as I know will have songs from both games and I'm assuming more (as there will be at least 100 tracks).

In other news, I'm thoroughly enjoying DBZ:Tenkaichi 2 again now that I have a worthy opponent to play against. Thanks Alfred!


blueplains said...

Wow nice collection Clear^^ the additionals are pretty funny haha especially Kyon and the other dude*forgot his name:P*
Well I think this is the first time meeting so Hi the names Roy^^ Very glad to meet you:D
Added you to me blog link if don't mind^-^

k said...

oooo... the mutants in the last photo look a little weird. haha

フェイダムさん said...

The Kyon and Itsuki mutants scared the shit out of me... Totally unexpected, lol. Like how you enrolled Saber in High School, though.

BZou said...

Read your comment on my blog, Just replying saying I would love to add you on my blogroll as well. Ill take the liberty of adding you right now.

gordon said...

head swapping is fine but cross dressing is ...

anyway so now u have fate as well as a new mikuru? that's wonderful. i hope they mix up my order as well so i can get free figures. lol. ^^

Fariz Asuka said...

Wow.. Those mutants made me speechless, especially Kyon..

Where are the reverse-crossdessers?? xD

Justin said...

Go Mikuru-chan~ =3

Yeah, Mikuru figma is just a blast to play. I just love doing the Spinzaku pose on her! ^^

But the crossdressing and gender-bending creeps me out~ No Kyon on female uniforms! @_@

But, Saber seems to be...having fun in thinks...

Otaku Dan said...

it looks like kyonko did not have enough money for the facial reconstruction surgery

BZou said...

Btw I love your cross dressing Kyon and oooooh forgot the other guys name the Esper.

I also loved how you dressed Saber up in what I am assuming to be Mikurus uniform? Good Stuff!

Q said...

Hahaha cross-dressing Kyon and Itsuki. Do Not Want. : P

Oh man I do want a figma Fate now, but it's sold out globally with the remaining ones inflating at 150% of original price. T_T

Katie said...

Great pics! I love cross-dressing Kyon! The girls' uniform suits him well. I am going to add you to my blogroll XD