Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post-con Syndrome & Swag

This week is the week of post-convention syndrome. What that essentially means is that I'm going through cosplay withdrawals, and I find myself on the AE forums (as do many) reading and posting like mad about our experiences. I think the biggest topic this week is the complaining and moaning about next year's AE being in June (which I agree does suck for grade 12s). I'm looking forward to cosplaying again next AE (and Sakuracon) but I also have the privilege of cosplaying in 2 weeks for SFU clubs day. I'll be doing Kaito of course!

Convention Swag:

Here's a picture of the stuff I picked up from Artist Alley this year (and above in the enlarged version are the Red XIII, Gothic Loli Haruhi, and Moyashimon plush I obtained for the dealer's room):

Click here for an additional shot of the Fate/Stay Night wallscroll I picked up. Next on the list is the Gothic Loli Haruhi statue by Griffon Enterprises. When I have time I'll do a full outdoor photoshoot (like I usually do) to show off how gorgeous this one is. I only bought it because it's first in the series (Mikuru being the second) but I love it to death already. I will take EXTRA special care of this one:


There are 2 figures due out this month (Tsukasa and Tohsaka Rin), click to enlarge the above image for dates and prices. It's the end of the month and only Tohsaka Rin is in stock so I might just get Tsukasa to ship with her sister in September. What I do with Hobby Search is combine all the figures to ship by month so I won't get one if the other isn't in yet (unless 30 days pass and one is delayed). It's a good system to save on shipping costs but it can be hard to wait! October as you can see is going to be a big package. 2 VOCALOID Nendoroid, Goth Punk Mikuru (judging by Haruhi's box it will be BIG), and figma Tsuruya. Only worry there is that it might take 20 days or so for all of them to be in stock before it ships.


The biggest news in otaku gaming this week has been the announcement of a Hatsune Miku game for PSP. By the looks of it there is a rhythm aspect to the gameplay and you can also "raise" Miku in a way by customizing her room. Looks a little like Idolm@ster in my opinion ^_^. You can see additional shots here and here respectively. I know this game will be available to me on day 1 but my only fear is that it will be too complicated to play as I don't know Japanese. In any case, I can't wait for this!


So that's my update. This week I'm working a lot and getting together photos of AE to get developed. I should start catching up on my anime watching as I now have 5 days until school starts and I get busy with 6 courses. I've also been downloading some of the hot VOCALOID songs. My method is: Watch ranking -> Obtain SM# -> Plug address into NicoSound -> Download MP3.

See you all!


Plasmatdx said...

ooh nice haul you got there. I'm considering collecting the lucky star figmas but only got Konata so far. That love the gothic-punk version of Mikuru, I got that on pre-order too :0

and WOW that is a NICE wallscroll ..I would have picked it up but for some reason I didn't see it in the dealer's room! >.< so jealous ..

Yeah so apparently the next AE is in June but its at the convention centre so its bound to be good ^.^

Plasmatdx said...

*wtb edit comment button, lets go spamm blogger about it - they should know better


Otaku Dan said...

that is one lovely haruhi figure you have there

Rin said...

Miku game for PSP!!!!!! I want!!!!!!
You got some nice loot!!!!!
I do love the fan art!!!!!I love the Vocaloid ones the most!!!!!
Nice get for the Haruhi Goth version!!!!!

Saku said...

Nice fan arts you got there and I want your fate stay night wall scroll >.>. GImme! lol

I saw FFXI poster on the side if I am not mistaken. Do you play FFXI ?

Q said...

Wow that's 4 figmas on the pre-order!
Still can't believe that you got Fate for free though. I went through a lot of stuff to get mine T_T

So the name of the game is currently known as Hatsune Miku Project Diva. A mixture of rhythm game combined with some kind of customising 'coordinator'. Haven't go a PSP but will keep a check on the game.

meimi132 said...

Meiko is my new fave Vocaloid. I dunno why she appeals the most... the hair? The voice? I dunno...

Anonymous said...

Dang, I missed that wallscroll somehow and picked up a mediocre Code Geass one instead. Semi-regret. :(