Saturday, August 2, 2008

Square-Enix Bombshells

Here's some news for all of you who haven't been able to hear the fantastic news yet (for Sony fan boys everywhere).

DKS3713 (DKΣ3713) is the invite-only private party by Square-Enix in which a lot of important announcements are being made and demos shown. Day one is complete, tomorrow will be day two so expect more. This is the breakdown of the name:

D: Dissidia
K: Kingdom Hearts
Σigma: Σigma Harmaonics
3: Third birthday
7: FF7AC bluray
13: FF13

They've already promised a HUGE FFVII announcement and at the end of day one it is not in sight yet. However, we do have some jaw-dropping announcments:

1. FFVII:AC Blu-Ray will have extra scenes, trailers for FFXIII (VS and Agito), and a playable demo of FFXIII.

2. FFXIII:Agito will have a PSP release instead of being mobile-exclusive (YES!).

3. Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday - AKA Parasite Eve 3! For what system: PSP!

So there's a 2 for 1 bomb of news for the PSP owners everywhere (like myself).

4. Release dates are set for FF:Dissidia, KH: Birth by Sleep PSP, and KH 358/2 Days DS, all of which are the end of 2008 (with exception to KH for PSP which is early 09).

5. FF vs. XIII will remain worldwide exclusive to PS3. This comforts me a little more now that FFXIII has moved over to Xbox360 as well.

So, I hope by tomorrow we get even more bombshells dropped on us by Square-Enix. This news has already made my Summer.

PS: I will have figure photos up next week for sure of at least 4 new figmas + one nendoroid. ^_^

PPS: Thank you all for the hits, not a week after 1000 views I'm already passed 1300.


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