Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

I didn't know how else to title this? As my blog gets exported to Facebook and I also have the readers popping in from DannyChoo and affiliated blogs, I need to be able to cater to both friends and fans. I'd like to start by including some pictures I didn't include in the last post (mostly because my PC card reader died and I couldn't get the photos off without restarting the PC...and was far too lazy).


Above: These are all of the figmas I have so far excluding Konata (below) and the Fate (see previous post).
Below: Konata Nendoroid and figma. I also got this neat little mecha hanger from the hobby shop and put my Eva in it (only small scale Eva I had).


It's been about a week since the break-up and although I felt bad this morning and yesterday (mostly because the shock and denial has started to hit me), I was able to get a few things sorted out and able to answer the question of "why?". Even though it will take me some time to want to become friends with her again (which she wants sooner than I'd like), I know that by being apart we'll have time to grow up on our own independent of each other. We're still young, and this is why it is probably for the best. I'm starting to be able to watch movies again without getting distracted on my current problems; I'll probably play some GTAIV this afternoon, let out some steam.

PS: Thanks all for visiting. I've passed 2000 views already!

So until next time (which will be this week when Mikuru-chan arrives), take care. ^^


k said...

breakups are nasty businesses, but you seem to be recovering well. ^^

hikky said...

nice figma collection

and yus I would like to do a blogroll, I wrote a long comment yesterday at your previous post but that didn't show up, I thought it's awaiting moderation but doesn't seem so, I'v added you to my bogroll ;)

Otaku Dan said...

there are other fish in the sea and you should not think about it so much. i see you are missing mikuru in your figma collection

ClearTranquil said...

See the closing statement in the post above regarding Mikuru

Riiana Doon said...

This Konata figure is so awesome, I fell in love with ours.:D
I added you to my blogroll also!:D
You should take a look at the next post I will be doing in just a couple minutes, it's my husband's birthday and we celebrated by taking our Haruhi figma to the Riverwalk and taking some pictures, which I will be posting in my next post.:D

Dancing Queen said...

heyo- dq here, yeah i've added you to my blogroll! feel free to add em as well ^_^

wickedclown said...

Heya, thanks for the comment on my blog, and nice photos. :p

I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend, but there are PLENTY of other girls in the world, no matter how much people think so, there never is and never can be "the one", either. Just thought I would add that. :p But you seem to be taking it well.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and add you to my blogroll, as discussed at my blog. :p

Riiana Doon said...

Yeah, I noticed that too.:P
It's as my husband said, we were kinda rushing.:P Will work on that.:D

Q said...

Sorry to hear what has happened. Hope you are recovering well. Sometimes being alone isn't necessarily a bad thing; you may realised something that you don't normally do when you are by yourself.

Impressive figma collection there~ I only have the Haruhi figma so far. Btw would you please enlighten me on the Yuki with scarf? Looks like an event-limited one to me but it's a random guess.

Mind if I blogroll you? You do have quite a lot of interesting contents. Looking forward to hear your reply~

ClearTranquil said...

The scarf actually came with that version of Yuki I got. I remember I got it from one of the private showroom/sale shops in Akihabara but it was regular pice (2500). I didn't realized until I got home that the scarf is a rarity. It apparently comes in 4 colours but I've only ever seen this one.