Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sayonara Teenage Years

And here I am, in half an hour I kiss goodbye my teenage years forever. Sept 25th at 15 seconds after midnight I'm 20 years old. I suppose I had a good run at it. Where was I when I turned thirteen?

At Heritage grades 8 and 9 were a good start to my teenage years. Running around the quadrangular building doing the Indy Chair 500 (office chair races) and hiding money around the school like some kind of conspiracy. Sneaking onto computers. The None-Such, the Wellies...the antics of Ben. Foamy. Gnomey. There's a lot of memories.

Grades 10-12 at Regent were a good experience too. I was happy to be involved in the stagecraft and drama events. Playing my bass in chapel. I met my first girlfriend. Mr. Fletcher and Ms. Seigenthaler were the greatest teachers I ever had. Who can forget Manfred and Shara as well, "Oh why doesn't he just lie down under my car...".

SFU year 1: I made some friends but I wasn't much involved in anything outside of classes. I enjoyed James Phillips' classes the most because I got to use my hobbies as assignments. I even made it through math that year.
SFU year 2: Made even more friends, learned how to use Maya, started getting a good portfolio together. And then there was...Russell. Sad part is at the end of it I lost my girlfriend of 3 and a half years...but talking about that again is like flogging a dead horse. Pointless. It's her loss and her fault when she gets hurt.
SFU year 3: Well, it's been 4 weeks! I'm quite busy, but I've had a lot of support from friends. I need to update my portfolio now too.

That's the shortest summary of my academic teenage life. What else was there? I went to Italy and Greece, New Zealand twice, Japan twice. My first console, the Playstation 2 and now upgraded to the PS3. Trips down to the Oregon sand dunes for ATVing. Waking up and staying up for TV (which I don't watch anymore). I didn't have to worry about a job until I turned 18. Going to anime conventions...

I'm an adult but still a kid at heart in some areas. I no longer have an excuse to be lazy. I'll need to take care of myself better.

Goodbye, teenage years and hello, twenties.


Panther said...

Happy birthday!

NoisyLittleGirl said...

Happy birthday! ^^

Anonymous Coward said...

happy happy :)

Justin said...

Happy birthday, man!

puppy52doll said...

happy birthday ^^/

Sandy-Kun said...

Happy Birthday! (~^o^)~
Ah.. Twenties.. how would it be.. ^^

Persocom-san said...

ah crap, happy birthday! sorry I'm late

Rin said...

Happy BDAY!!!!!!
I'll be 20 6 months time...

gordon said...

happy belated birthday.

Otaku Dan said...

happy late birthday.

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