Sunday, September 21, 2008

September Update

There's nothing much new with me, just the fact that I've become very busy with school. I turn 20 this week (on the 25th!) so I have that to look forward to. In regards to my last post, I'm more or less doing better. I still sometimes find myself drifting off to the past and missing what was once there, but those days are gone forever. The last week I couldn't help but consider my "prospects" and wonder who would be a suitable companion for me. It can be a real problem when there are certain needs I'd need met, such as her needing to be a Christian and live within half an hour driving. It's not just that though, I really need to consider carefully it seems because I'm not sure how compatible my personality is with other people. I'm the kind of person who likes to go out and have fun, but I can too often change between being reserved and then being outgoing to the point of just being loud. My friend gave me the insight that I'm the "hero type" who wants to protect a princess. And he's right. I really am looking for someone who's reasonably reserved/timid, but likes to laugh and go out and have a good time. There's so many worries for me right now but I know I can trust in God to send the right person at the right time, even if it takes me a decade (Yet I'm really hoping for someone within the next year!).


I've been kept very busy at school. Multiple projects keep popping up in all of my classes and it's very hard to coordinate team members between all of them (especially when I'm only in 3 times a week). My online communications course has its first essay due this Wednesday so on top of the group projects I'm working on I have to fit that into my schedule as well. Shown above (2MB PDF) is a project I worked on with a partner called the "Product Disection" for my Materials in Design course. We took apart a first-generation dual-shock controller and created a parts list and listed a few other valuable facts. For the same class I have to build a flashlight with a unique way of turning on (due next Tues). Despite being so busy I'm very happy where I am now, I've got friends to keep me company and I'm happy to develop my design skills.


A very sincere sorry to those who have been unhappy with this drought of figure photography on my blog. I finally got my Hatsune Miku figma from Hobby Link Japan last week (it came Wednesday but I got a stupid notice of pickup from the post office so I didn't get it until Thursday). I'm currently waiting on 2 things: Figma Kagami (who is being shipped with a second Miku from Hobby Search), and a sunny day. I don't have the proper setup to do indoor photography (unless I just use the flash on my camera) so I need to wait for a relatively bright day before I open up Miku and take pictures of her. I promise that as soon as Kagami comes and we get a nice bright morning/afternoon, I'll have another amazing array of pictures. Until then, hang tight, and also look forward to October which is my BIG BIG shipment.


meimi132 said...

Miku!! I want my miku.... ordered on HLJ Early bird... heard nothing back so far.... :grump:

Only reasons i bought the Busou Shinki was the cheap price, £8($16 or so) Way less than the JP price.

Panther said...

Happy birthday in advance!

Rin said...

Hope it clears up soon!!!!!!
Nice, you got Miku Figma!!!!!

Mizunaga said...

...I have to build a flashlight with a unique way of turning on.

Good luck with that! ^^;

September 25! I know 3 other people who's birthdays are on that date.

Anyway, happy birthday in advance from me too :P

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