Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hideo Kojima PS3


A friend of mine sent me an auction he found on eBay: Auction Here. Someone is selling an autographed by Kojima...MGS4...PS3. The auction was currently $1400 is over $16,000. I was able to hunt down some additional screenshots of this monstrosity - If I had the money and didn't own a PS3 already I'd definitely buy this. It's the 60 GB model and displays probably the best skin I've seen on the system (other than the BBQ mod) so far. Not only is it amazing, it comes with a bunch of amazing goodies! Look at all the loot! Greatest thing about it is how it looks in the dark, kind of like it belongs in a show room (which I'm sure it would be if you owned it!). The controller looks kind of cool but doesn't seem to be that comfortable to hold. To be honest it looks like the Bat Tumbler from Begins/Dark Knight.

Here's some shots of the system:

PS: I split the Tora Dora and MGS4 PS3 posts because the two seem to be too unrelated.


I'd also like to just add, I picked up Fraulein Yoko today in Soul of Anime @ Guildford Mall. She's quite well made. To be honest I like the joints a bit better than the recent quality of figma. I'll do a photoshoot for her when I have more time. I've got 2 appointments tomorrow and a closing shift so I'll have to wait until Sunday to do anymore blogging.


phossil said...

A must have for a MetalGear Solid fan!

Rin said...

Holy crap!!!!!
I want a Hideo Kojima autograph PS3 MSG4!!!!!!
I so want and wow...the price is crazy!!!!!

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