Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hyakko 3: Redemption


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I've been on the go constantly since 11 yesterday morning but I had a 40 minute break between dentist and work so I decided to watch Hyakko episode 3 to see if it has redeemed itself from its poor efforts displayed in episode 2. I do say, I was very pleasantly surprised with this one! Episode 3 makes up for all the repetition and dullness of its predecessor and episode 4 has been acclaimed to being a "LMAO" episode as well. Good job, Hyakko.

This episode begins with something every high school anime girl does (apparently): groping to compare sizes and wish for a bigger bust. Suzume (right) seems the typical quiet, unemotional character, but she's actually quite outgoing when she gets excited about something. I liked Torako (left) alot this episode as well, she wasn't as annoying and inconsiderate as she displayed herself to be in the last episode.

This episode introduced a new flamboyant character: Nene Ando, the class rep, and self-proclaimed baiiii~sexual. She aspires to be student council president one day so helps the moral committee for participation points. We very quickly find out her alterior motive: to scope the school gates for anyone she can potentially harass and fondle. Poor Ayumi got her blue polka-dots revealed~

" the way...I like all of you..."

A potential candidate for abuse...

This episode was split into two parts essentially, the second part introducing the mechanical genius Chie Suzugasaki. The face Torako and Tatsuki make are the reaction to a mecha walker eerily treading through the hallway in front of them. Boy was Chie excited when she found out that Tatsuki is actually the daughter of the company she aspires to work for when she graduates. She helps the cast play hookie by making robot dummies of them and having them speak for them during attendance. Amagasa-sensei is not fact he kicks Torako-dummy's head off, it was full of win.


Images from Natsuneko. I'll take my own next time.


k said...

btw, my feeds have changed.... could you update it in your blogroll?

thanks. ^^

Panther said...

I found episode 2 was pretty good, since it was basically Torako owning Tatsuki in so many ways. It was even better if you knew all the parodies of the names they were doing (which I did, almost all).

I only caught Hyakko raw and only watch the subs to fill me in on what I miss, yet to see 3's sub. 4 was not that good though, IMHO, but it was still LULZ.

Kuwashima Houko (Touma) finally gets a line...just a simple "hmph" in the entire episode LOL.

Persocom-san said...

I thought Hyakko 2 was good, but this one was good too. I think I'll keep watching Hyakko the last two episodes have redeemed it enough to make me want to see what they think up next.

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