Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kagamiku ni shite ageru~


I hope you all like the pun of this post's title (for those who don't know VOCALOID then I'm afraid you just won't get the tune). Today I was sitting around waiting for someone to come home and feed me...but they never came. So, I was heating up the oven making a frozen pizza when I looked out the window and realized I'd have just enough time to take some figma shots in the noon-day light before the pizza was ready. Kagami Hiragi joined me last week and I haven't had the chance until now to take some pictures. Also, if you haven't yet seen the Lucky Star OVA, the head-swapping pictures are in reference to that, I'm not just puttin' Kagami's head on random figmas, haha. Also, please forgive the slender fingers on the swap-shots; Kagami's hands are pretty tough to get in and out of things I wanted to avoid breaking them (like I did swapping Nagato and Kyon around).
Anyways, here are the shots:

Additional: 1 :: 2 :: 3 :: 4 :: 5 :: 6


I also thought I'd share this little vector thing I did. I was in class drawing my character (Cleo) and a girl then doodled something next to it (Thanks Erica). It was an adorable chibi version. I free-hand recreated it with the pen tool when I got home, the above is the result. I like drawing, I just don't often have the motivation to do it (which is why I don't do webcomics even though I have the capabilities).


Hey, I finally updated my portfolio ( after about 2 months with not much happening on it. All of my figure photos are on there, my drawings, as well as my design projects for university. I hope you all take the time to check it out.

In unrelated news, I bought Iron Man today on BluRay. I can't wait to watch it tonight. Until my next update, farewell.


gordon said...

kagami cosplaying as miku and rin is the WIN! btw, i'm looking forward to getting my copy of the iron man DVD hopefully by this week.

puppy52doll said...

adorable doodle ^^ Mmmm Pizza, I had been thinking of making (from scratch :P) but this week is simply not possible ^^;

phossil said...

Im agree with Gordon..hehe, Kagami as Miku really breaks..Lol!!

Fariz Asuka said...

Wow.. I love Kagamiku and Kagarin.. They look awesome.. ^^ I watched the Lucky Star OVA and I find it hilariously great.. Gonna watch it again..

k said...

i've yet to see iron man! >< heard that the blue ray version of iron man outsold every other blue ray title combined! how's the hd on it?

Rin said...

lucky star!!!!!!!!
LS figma!!!!!!
All you need now is Miyuki...which comes out later...

Mizunaga said...

Figma Kagami's head is too big for Figma Miku and Rin. ^^;

Nice shots though.

kairu90 said...

I was able to see the LS OVA so I am happy to say I understand the head swapping. Nice to be in the loop on these type things XD. Love the Miku head swap. I wish there were more of that on the OVA.