Monday, October 6, 2008

My Room is an Otaku Museum Part 2

UPDATE (May 13, 2009) - My Room is an Otaku Museum Part 3

As mentioned yesterday, I was able to get my new shelf up in my room (with glass sliding doors)! Finally, no more dust. I had to move a bunch of things around to prioritize the stuff I didn't want to again get eventually dusty. I'm quite satisfied but I realized my room now looks like a toy store. For those who want to see how it USED to be click here for: PART 1.

I've found that blog post to be a great source of visitors somehow finding my posts from google.

Additional: Above Bed // Above PC


Otaku Dan said...

you have a ton of figures and i can see that you are a big figma fan

Q said...

That new display shelf is crazy! It puts my tank collection to shame (especially when I have no proper display for them) ._.

k said...

great display. i wished i had more space to display my figures.

Panther said...

Ton o' figures is right. Why so many? >_<

Neat cabinet, I cannot do anything like that here haha. Planning to put LED lights though, but again, monies. :\

andra said...

nice and neat display! ^^ I am those who can only work in chaos; all my figures are scatter everywhere in my room ^^;

Persocom-san said...

Wow, that's just awesome looking. Great shelf it makes your collection shine! You sir, I envy!

Sandy-Kun said...

Wow! o_o
nice box,,, neat, looks clean, and well managed. And tons figure too!
it really looks like small figure shop. XD

phossil said...

You have..TONS of figures. Cool!!
And they look great in the shelf, hehe, and yeah! it looks like a store. Lol.

Riiana Doon said...

That room is officially awesome!:D Love the display shelf. Need to find a better display area for ours soon!:P
Your room looks like an otaku's heaven!:D:P

gordon said...

that is one fine looking display shelf. maybe u can consider selling admission tickets for visitors to see your collections. profits = more figures. ^^;

Blowfish said...

Im impressed at your room! Awesome!
Your Cabinet is really really neat.May i ask where you bought it?It uses the place alot more effective than the usual detolf and seems to hold off dust better too

Rin said...

Large collection you got!!!
I want to do that to my shelves too!!!!
I need to figure out how first!!!!!
You got some figure I want right now!!!
Also, it makes me wonder...why do I see two Yuki figma...

lovelyduckie said...

I use regular bookcases for my figures but the bottom ones collect a lot of dust. I need to figure out a way to put a clear cover over the front to protect them from dust/small animals. I almost got those SEGA Rei/Asuka bathing suit figures too. They always look so cute in pictures in collections.

Any reason your Miku figma is still boxed? I just noticed the rest of yours are out.

ClearTranquil said...

Heya. To answer some questions:

I have 2 Yuki because one will be made into Kyonko.

I have 2 Miku, 1 for play, one to keep in the box (and go up in value!).

The shelf was made by my dad. I explained that in the last post. :P

Blowfish said...

Ohh noes...I thought you could buy something awesome like that.Youre Dad is the Man!

Too bad i suck at workmanship

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