Friday, October 24, 2008

Tora Dora 4: Stalkers at a baseball game...


And yet another Tora Dora blurb. I must say, this anime never fails to please me, Taiga is just such a perfect tsundere! By the way, this is the first post to implement my new "Read more" system. I had to code it myself and each post is a mess of HTML...but overall I'm happy with the way it turned out. This way, you can browse through posts faster.

This episode was all about Taiga trying to snap some photos of Yuusuke. She of course guilts Ryuuji into helping her do so, hilarity ensues, and we have our episode. Minori gets thrown into the mix and Ryuuji ends up with a picture of her covered in pudding in his pocket, lucky guy. At the end we find out about an unusual event occurring in the past between Yuusuke and Taiga that will make you (and Ryuuji) go, "Nandeyane~!"

Taiga with a knife would make me feel unsettled as well...

Restraining order is in effect. That face is so cute!

Spies at a baseball game...

(o V o)''

The most awkward moment for the two of them...

Bucket pudding~

Images from Natsuneko


Persocom-san said...

Toradora is probably the best new anime of the season so far, I love every ep. That bucket pudding picture made me lol. Such a good episode.

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That's fantastic.

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