Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Little Big Experience

I picked up Little Big Planet the day the servers went online and was greeted with the cutest narrated opening credits ever. You start off as your little sackboy and your run by the names, learn to crawl, learn to jump, and learn to burn in a pit of fire as you forget to jump out of the mine cart. The game's story mode is occupying most of my time despite being marketed as a "level-creator" kind of a game. It's the most fun when playing with other people but it can become very hard and frustrating because the camera always seems to follow the wrong person and many times your friends will die and use up all of the spawn points.

The online mode has been quite fun. There are so many creative levels but also so many bad ones. Within the first few days while the servers were getting hammered there was extreme lag which seems to be almost completely fixed now. There's very little time between transferring from your pod into a user made level. Although I haven't made a level myself yet, I'm very interested in making some ramps with a rocket skateboard...those levels are the funnest.
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The pod is where you live, you can decorate it with stickers and decorations (and also yourself while you're at it) and invite up to 3 other people to hang around in here and mess it up with bad-looking props. From here, anyone in your pod will "follow" you into levels.

A common misconception about Little Big Planet has been, "You can't die". This is extremely untrue. Some parts of the levels will be so painstaking you'll have to kick everyone out and do it yourself just to make it easier. First there's spikes...then later there's fire and explosives...and finally...electricity. You'll become very accustomed to the high-pitch squeal followed by a *pop* when your Sackperson touches something electrified. It's all very humourous, though...unless you're going for the "Get through the level without dying" trophy. There's a new costume waiting for you at the end if you manage to do it.

And what customizable game would be complete without popular custom characters. I'm sure most people have seen these by now, but here are some parts to make up a Sephiroth and a Snake Sackboy. I haven't heard of the method to obtain these yet but it just shows that Sony will most likely be holding promotions or utilizing their PSN Store to make some cash off of people who want a little bit more for their Sackperson.


Panther said...

Ah finally, something about LBP. Interesting stuff they have, I wonder when I can pick this up though, since I got no cashflow and figures are rolling in first. :\

Rin said...

Snake little big planet!!!!!
Too addicting!!!!!!!

phossil said...

Cool game

Fariz Asuka said...

Yea, as Panther said, an entry about LBP finally.. I wish I could try the game.. Looks very interesting indeed.. ^^

lovelyduckie said...

This is one of the games I've added to my list to (potentially) buy once I get a PS3!