Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nendoroid November


First off I'd just like to mention that I've finally reached the last week of school. I'd like to say, "The only thing I have to do now is..." but unfortunately things are not that simple. I've become extremely busy of course wrapping up final projects, doing documentation, registering for courses, and preparing for two tests (one Monday one next Friday). I'm frequently seeing my VOCALOID family now which makes me very happy. I wish I could see more of them but unfortunately I'm too busy until I finish tests and projects and they all live too far away. Just when I'm hoping everything is going well I have to get all anxious and overthink things...I really need to learn to take it easy.

On another note, I was inspired by a friend to resurrect my DevArt: HERE. I don't know how often I'll even update it but it'll mainly be random design things or photography since I don't exactly draw anymore. On that topic though, I did enroll myself for a general "Drawing for Inquiry" course this Spring which I get to take with friends. Awesome.


Got a hefty box in the mail this week! Finally I get to hold the twins in my hands after months of waiting. Shana and Miyuki are adorable too. It's a shame how all the figure releases have been a bit delayed...The twins were due out in October along with the figma versions. I'm still waiting on Goth Punk Mikuru to come in stock before I ship the figmas or they'll end up getting shipped automatically and I have to pay for shipping twice over (Hobby Search is holding the figmas until Dec 1). The Canadian dollar has sunk down about 20 cents since when I ordered all of these so, you guessed it, I'm paying 20% more for everything now. It's almost becoming more worth it to just buy these at an anime store locally since I'm paying so much for shipping now.

Oh well! Here's some pictures of the loot. You can expect a proper photo shoot once I'm out of school. I'll be so bored here at home I'll probably take at least an hour with each figure to take proper pictures.


Q said...

Yea the current economic crisis really doesn't make the prices go any better. I gotta be careful with it too....

Nice tripe Nendo loot you've got there~ Take your time on the photoshoot. Gonna do headswapping for them like you do for the figma ones?

Persocom-san said...

Nice haul ^^ I should be getting Miyuki soon, whenever Ryoko comes out at least. I've been bundling things together a lot more now too because of the economy. Just got my Rin & Len figmas, might want the nendoroids in the future so I look forward to more pictures ^^ That's really cool that you get to see your Vocaloid family so much, wish I had a cool group of friends like that. :)

phossil said...

Shana with vocaloid twins looks great!!

Kazearashi said...

That's nice! I'll probably open mine tomorrow... xD I don't really got any free time doing review stuffs this week... Keep on going out... lol

Rin said...

I want the Vocaloid nendo!!!!!!
Waiting on it still though...
I see Miyuki!!!!! YAY for Lucky Star!!!!!!

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