Monday, November 3, 2008

VOCALOID Formal Cosplay


Hurrah! I had a fantastic Halloween. I went to an awesome party at SFU on Thursday as Kaito, sat around and played Rock Band in Urahara cosplay on Friday (and went trick or treating as a Bleach trio), and then had the best family reunion - VOCALOID that is - in formal wear @ UBC on Saturday. It was my first time meeting up with them since AE. I somehow won the "bonus cosplay" prize at the dance just for being Kaito - some kind of awesome super sentai mask. We took some really great shots which I'd like to share. More after the jump:

We paid a photographer at the booth set up there to do these awesomesauce shots of us. By far the best one is this, Aku no Musume overdramatic poses:

To Do:
-Catch up on Tora Dora & Hyakko and blog about them
-Think about starting Kyou no Go no ni
-Watch Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (the new OVA release)
-Some time soon start Gurren Lagann
-Blog about Little Big Planet


phossil said...

Cool pictures and what a cool cosplay party!!

Persocom-san said...

that's really awesome that you got to meet back up with the other cosplayers and had such a good time ^^ looks like you had fun taking the pictures too. wish I knew people like that around here. congrats on winning too :) I was either going to do Len or Lelouche for Halloween but my that fell through due to large amounts of procrastination and lack of money and time. Instead I went as myself basically and took my son trick or treating ^^

Dante said...

thanks for sharing!!!


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