Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kaito Cosplay


Woo! Today I finally got a chance to get my hair cut and my wig styled. Of course, right when I got home, I put it all on and took some pictures! For this costume there's still a few things to do:
-Put some gel in the wig
-Wear the contacts
-Alter the sleeves around the arm seam
-Make a prop of some kind (Leek, Leek-sword, Ice Cream - Undecided)
So now I present to you the pictures: Image1 // Image2 // Image3


I figured while I had the camera out I'd take a picture of my new arrivals. This would be of course: Haruhi Bunny-girl Nendoroids // Saber Figma.

On another note. I now have the Tsukasa Figma on reserve to ship with Tohsaka Rin in August, and I won an auction on ebay last night for a Konata Cat-girl Nendoroid for $20.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Metal Gear Week


Last week I successfully completed Psychology with a pretty average ranking. I've decided that, although good for credit, I'm not going to be continuing in Psychology (unless I can do another intercession course next summer). However, I am well-prepared for course registration for SIAT in the fall. My online course is going well too with an easy midterm complete and the skills acquired to redo my portfolio using CSS instead of tables: (work still needs to be done in places but overall it functions alot better).

Although my work schedule has been increased 4-fold, I still was able to find time to go to metrotown with Nessa, Hudson, and Jessica , and get beautiful Vanessa a beautiful dress. We then headed back to campus (where I've been spending a bit of time the last week for kicks) and partook in the watching of Library Wars, a cool show that started airing this spring. I'm watching that along with: Ouran Host Club, Pani Poni Dash (not started), Welcome to the NHK! (not started), and Code Geass (don't know if I'll start).

My cosplay came too! Next blog post will have pictures (most likely this Saturday or Sunday).


Despite my Psychology final being the same weekend, I still ended up picking up Metal Gear Solid 4: Limited Edition (CD, DVD, and artbook!) and beating it by Tuesday (last week). I'm now on my second run-through attempting some of the unlockables. It's a really great game and I really enjoy the online mode to tootle around on in my spare time. I've taken MGS3:Subsistence from my store for the week and I hope to play through that to get an idea of the backstory. And if 2 MG games weren't enough, I'm also playing the original Metal Gear Solid on my PSP for the first time. The series is really a good one.


This week I got my 2 Saber figmas (one for Nessa) and my second Nagato. I haven't had the chance yet to start the customization of turning her into Kyonko (a gender-swapped Kyon). Thankfully, I've currently only got a few more to buy before October, but I'm still awaiting reservations to open up for Tsukasa figma of Lucky Star. ^_^

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Figures

I've been quite busy the last month or so checking out upcoming figures to get my hands on. Above are what I've got on order right now (click the picture for details). I've got 2 Sabers and a Nagato (a second one, yes, to convert to Kyonko) already in shipping and the rest I just need to wait to come out. The Kyon is coming from play-asia as HobbySearch had run out.

The advantage to my ordering these things online (I know it seems like alot but its spread over a period of a few months), is that it's not only cheaper, but it saves me time and effort of going out to Burnaby or Richmond and paying 200-300% the original price. The only extra fees here are paying the shipping cost of about 10 bucks an item, still, much better than what I would have to pay in a specialty store here. The moderation of spending is really great too. I get 2 paychecks a month, and I'm getting 1-2 figures a month as well. It's really just taking a bit off of my first monthly paycheck to add to my collection.

Learning from Kengai, I've chosen my specific brand of figures to collect. For the next while I'm not going to be buying anything I see in the malls or cons on impulse (because they're big rip-offs), and I'm only going to be collecting Max Factory / Good Smile Company figmas and Nendoroids. Before as a growing weeaboo (look it up), it was hard enough for me to just find any sort of anime merchandise so of course I just bought what I saw if it was from a show I liked (which includes lots of random Eva stuff, for example). This impulse-buying seems to have lost its purpose because I don't feel as attached to the impulse-buys as I do the carefully chosen ones.

I've got two problems now. First problem is the steadily declining available space in my room. I've got a bunch of new shelves but they collect dust the easiest. I'm looking to convert my two white ones to have plexiglas doors to keep the dust out and rearrange them so all of the "special" ones keep the dust off them. Second problem long am I going to be spending money on plastic toys? I'm 20 this year...and I'm still finding more creative ways to buy these things. At least my girlfriend thinks its awesome...and at least I have a job.

The word weeaboo may apply, but hikkikomori and NEET do not.

...on a *minor*'s done for me (at least the class I had to leave the house for). I just need to write a final exam and then keep up with my weekly assignments for CMPT 165.

Anime Evolution is coming up in August and I've already got a new costume almost complete. Details on that...when it's done.

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Milk Tea & Nico Nico

On Tuesday I uploaded my first video to Nico Nico Douga (Japanese YouTube-esque community). I then followed up by uploading a second video on Wednesday. To make them I used my action figures and a camera to do some short stop-frame animations. I'm most pleased with myself because collectively between the websites they've been seen about 2000 times so far. You can see them here and here (respectively). Speaking of figures, I've also ordered a bunch more Nendoroids and Figmas (The brands used in the video). Instead of paying 3x more here in Canada IF I can find what I'm looking for, I've been using Japanese hobby sites that ship to Canada. Much cheaper. I've made reservations for Konata, Koizumi, Mikuru (Figmas), and I made a reservation for Kagamine Rin Nendoroid (But unfortunately missed out on Len). I also got a deal on the bunny girl Haruhi Nendoroids on ebay (3 for $30).

But that's not all, apart from being a total nerd and wasting money on otaku stuff, I've been quite busy the last week. Had a quiz and a research participation assignment to complete for PSYCH, and tonight I've got another assignment due for CMPT 165. Yesterday I went out for sushi with the Asian kids at school and then did a huge shop at T&T for milk tea, marble pop, and HiChew. Today I saw You Don't Mess with the Zohan with Nessa. It's been a while since I've seen a "classic" style Adam Sandler movie. 'Twas great.

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