Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cosplay: Serious Business (A Documentary)

Wow, how long has it been since I was actively posting? Since Christmas? Sooner than that? I missed New Years AND Chinese New Years posts didn't I? It's also shown as my daily visits have decreased about 25% a month since I stopped posting at least weekly (and then spiked back up with the Megurine Luka post). So, to prove how busy school has been keeping me, I'd like to present:

Cosplay: Serious Business

(embedded object - original here)

This is a documentary made in my class at university. I'm in a Media Arts and Design program and one of the classes I'm taking is a film class. We were restricted to 7 minutes but went over the time anyways. If I ever get a chance I'd like to possibly extend this to about twice its length to include more of what we filmed.

The documentary deals with cosplay: The People, The Community, The Unaware. It outlines just some of the basics of what it means to be involved in cosplay at conventions or with friends. The end credits include a special little feature of our narrator singing for us. It wasn't meant to really be shown to the class but we left it on there as a little easter egg to ourselves. The professor ended up having the class sit through the whole thing because everyone found it so amusing. Also, I'm the guy in the credits with the wig on that says, "I feel shameful". I don't really feel shameful, I'm a rather shameless cosplayer.

I really owe it to my friends and team mates who were able to be so cooperative and help how they did. I really enjoyed working with everyone. It's a shame but I didn't get a chance to be involved in the filming of the last 2 sections (I'm only responsible for the first section). I knew all of the people from the convention we interviewed and there were many other people I missed out on seeing who would have recognized me. I'm just glad my team mates seemed to stumble over the people they did.

If you're curious about what else I've been up to, keep reading:


So, now, what exactly have I been up to?

School has been keeping me extremely busy since I started 3rd year in September. This semester I'm taking a film class (obviously since I'm making cosplay documentaries and such) as well as drawing class, fabrication (SolidWorks), and body interface classes. Surprisingly not much involving an actual design process. Next semester (Fall) I'll get more into that. The drawing class I'm currently taking I'm working on 3 pieces inspired by 3 styles of my choice. I decided to draw my original character Cleo in 3 different styles. I'll share those pictures sometime this week once they're complete.

It also doesn't help that since Halloween I've been out practically every weekend to no closer than Vancouver, Ladner, or Coquitlam (which is half an hour away at the minimum) from White Rock. I haven't really had much I've wanted to post about and I'm not one to really rant about personal things on a blog. To be honest though there's been a little bit of drama in my life on and off. But I guess it's what I had coming to me. I really don't know what I should do or how I should act but I get a lot of impressions...negative impressions...about myself.

For those who like to look at my figure photos, I've only got 2 more figures requiring a photoshoot sometime in the future. I'll get to that soon, promise.


Kiva said...

That was great! Its funny How cosplay is synonymous with otaku/anime culture. What I think the general population dosent realize is that people who cosplay usually have huge amounts of passion( you'd have to,considering some of the elaborate costumes that are out there)besides its wayy fun to see peoples reaction when you walk around in costume~

Rin said...

Great video!!!!
I saw something similar like this on TV once...
People who has school are always being me...
Trying to balance blog and school is a tough thing to do...

chun said...

haha! so glad I came back to check stuff out after seeing your news on DC :P that's a nice video there ^O^

Chandra said...

It's fun video..
but I think it's not just a joke..
Cosplay is real..real..real business..
I have this business in my country, Indonesia..
and is amazing...
i have a lot money..

Cosplay said...

yes it's true..
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cosplay said...

hahaha this is so true. cosplay is serious business now.

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