Monday, February 9, 2009

figma: Flame Haze Shana


Yesterday was *such* a busy day. I drove from White Rock (home) to UBC, to downtown for the Game Design Expo at the VFS, wandered around Gas Town a little bit and checked out the design studios, back to UBC, then to SFU Surrey (school). At SFU we filmed in the green screen room for the next film project I'm working on (a live action Kokoro for you VOCALOID fans). My friend cosplaying as Kagamine Rin is just amazing; I'm so anxious to see this turn out well. After that I drove her home to Coquitlam and didn't get home until about 9:00. I'm still trying to catch up on homework and studying for a quiz today...yet I'm blogging in this short period before heading to school. For those who didn't see my last film project, check it out: (Cosplay: Serious Business).


As I promised with my Lolita Nagato Yuki post, I'm now posting the photoshoot I did of Flame Haza Shana of Shakugan no Shana (second). I've had this figure since she came out in December but I haven't had the chance or motivation to do a shoot of her until now. She's really beautiful and the transparent hair adds more opportunity for artistic photography. Photos below, more after the jump:

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