Friday, February 6, 2009

Lolita Nagato Yuki Photo Review


I got this in the mail last week and decided it would be best if I got pictures of her up as soon as I could. Today I finally had a bit of time to catch up and take photos of figures I've neglected pretty much since I got them (figma Shana for example). I'll be posting Nagato today and Shana before Monday. I took a special little picture of Lelouch today as well I'll share in due time.

The Gothic Lolita Nagato is a 1/7 scale statue released by Griffon. I ordered her back in November. This marks the completion of the lolita series of Haruhi girls by Griffon. I got Mikuru in December and Haruhi back in August. I'm very happy with the quality of this figure but the only thing I regret is that I paid a ludicrous amount of money for her after shipping and the poor CAD - JPY exchange rate. 9000 JPY after shipping and exchange cost me $165 CAD. I'm never paying this much for a figure again I don't care what it is. When I'm in Japan this April I hope I catch a bit of a break with the exchange rate and at least I won't have to pay shipping on my purchases. I hope you enjoy the photos:

See the rest after the jump:
(gratuitous pantsu shot included)


Q said...

While it doesn't look very Nagato to me with the smile and the flamboyant colours, there are a lot of details to the frills and the basket etc. It's a job well done indeed.

The exchange rate has pretty much gone haywire since the global recession. Hope things will change for the good in the future.

phossil said...

I think the face its a little different but Yuki looks kawaii in that dress.

Rin said...

Nice shoot!!!!!
It's a good figure I do say!!!!!

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