Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kokoro (ココロ): Live-Action VOCALOID

Over the last few weeks my project for film class has been to create a "cine-poem". I chose to recruit my VOCALOID family members and create a live-action PV based off of Travolta-P's popular song titled Kokoro. Kokoro and Kokoro-Kiseki starring Kagamine Rin and Len has been remixed, retold and reproduced into multiple PVs since its release, meaning I had many references to base my video off of. The version of the song we used is a cover sung by Namakonyuruko; it is personally my favourite version of the song. Some other renditions:

Kokoro (Original Kagamine Rin)
Kokoro-Kiseki (Original Kagamine Len)
Kokoro (Namakonyuruko)
Kokoro-Kiseki (Manga Version)

The Production:

Click here to go straight to YouTube. Since this upload, there has been work done to improve the subtitles. The updated version is on Nico Nico Douga.

What has amazed me the most is that over the past 3 days it's hit close to 2000 views on YouTube and has even leaked its way into the Japanese online community. Someone has posted our first upload on Nico Nico Douga already; even Namakonyuruko, who sung the version we used, found out about it and posted it on her blog. I was delighted to see that even English sites like Moetron made a post about it as well. With it embedded in all sorts of places the view count is probably much higher than YouTube has displayed.

The Making:

We had lots of un-used footage and clips of the cast goofing around so we decided to put together a little short. It's completely random and unnecessary but it's entertaining.

Production Images:

These are a few still-frames from the production itself as well as un-used clips.


About 6 months earlier at Anime Evolution, VOCALOIDs gathered on these steps for a photo shoot. Devin and Hilda as Rin and Len can be spotted right below myself, the Kaito on the left. I had met them only that day and now I must confess: I really love everyone I met that day, and who I met in result of it.


I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to my group for helping me make this movie possible. I'm so happy that it has been well-received since uploading on Thursday. I'd also like to thank the cast for making time for me to film them (and poor Devin for dressing up as Rin in 2 degree weather and letting me film her). This is the second time Devin and Hilda have made time for my film projects. For those of you unfamiliar, I was involed in a cosplay documentary for my previous project.


Kazearashi said...

I saw this yesterday and somehow I figured out that this was your doing xD

I really love this song and the Live Action is just so cool, but maybe the impact is not so good as the manga version I guess xD Need to work on better acting and face expressions xD The video editing and camera work is really nice though.

Nevertheless, great job and 乙です。 ^^

meimi132 said...

Aaaaaa sugoi!! It's so professionally done!! Much love!

I know I recognise the guys voice at the beginning of the song... but I can't place it.... I know its a character I like though... otherwise I wouldn't remember the voice lol.

Rin said...

Really nice!!!!!!
Do like the Live Action!!!!!

Q said...

Wow that's impressive for a non-official PV.

Making a PV is very time consuming, and is surely no easy task. Although I admit I was worried how it would turn out, I was actually very impressed by it, and my anxiety gone in an instant. A job well done indeed!

Persocom-san said...

Very awesome video, really well done! I especially liked the thank you part of the subs where it was in several languages. You've certainly made some great friends ^^

Fariz Asuka said...

Very nice video indeed.. Didn't know this was your production till I visit your blog.. =3

Good job on the video.. I love it.. Sorry for late comment.. >.<

Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh... I have to comment this as a class assignment. Lol thats kinda funny -w- But yeah this is an awesome blog... article... thingy :P