Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Akihabara 2-Day Extravaganza

The trip is going great so far but despite buying so much I haven't yet felt any sense of accomplishment. Since our arrival our only non-shopping event has been wandering around the neighbourhood our hotel is in and seeing the tourist attractions (here in Asakusa).

Tomorrow we go on a train adventure away from the downtown Tokyo out into the far yonder to see the Ghibli museum. After failing twice to acquire tickets (giving up mid-way actually due to the confusing automatic ticket vendor) we acquired tickets for tomorrow.

So what HAVE I been doing? We've been walking around constantly going through *almost* every shop in Akihabara (conveniently about 15 minutes travel from the hostel). It's taken us two days but we don't plan on returning there until after our trip to Kyoto. Every store someone would buy something. Surprisingly I'm not the biggest spender here, Tyson is. He buys so much on impulse that sometimes he's forgotten he bought something already and has to stop himself from buying a second one. I've acquired most of what my friends wanted me to get for them (with the exception being a few things I'll still keep my eye out for).

Akihabara Swag Day 1:

Akihabara Swag Day 2:

Tyson surrounded by his pile of bliss:

What we're going to do is pile everything up into a pyramid or something...and take an image of our combined swag. Then see what the Danny Choo community has to say about it.

Next update when that happens. Take care~


Q said...

Wow nice loot there with your friend's. I see Max Factory Haruhi, many nendos, and many shokugans too. I don't think I ever get to afford so much on my last visit in Akihabara.

Speaking of Ghibli Museum, it's often better to get the ticket in advance from an agency or something even before the trip, as getting one for oversea visitors does seem to be quite a pain; I had to get mine preordering from a local JAL branch.

pus2meong said...

Your friend Tyson realy a lucky man, able to buy that many ^^

Rin said...

Now I'm wanting to go to Japan even more thanks to you...why must my trip be in July...but I'm going to 3 different events and for around a month...
Just by looking at you...you sure bought a lot of stuff...
Would love to see your loot post once you get back!!!!