Friday, April 17, 2009

Bound for Japan!

Happy Anniversary to my BLOG!

Everyone, school is now finished for me until the summer semester begins giving me just over 2 weeks of downtime. I'm ecstatic to announce that I'll be spending 2 weeks in Japan starting tomorrow! Four of my friends are coming with me. This will be my 3rd time in Japan but my first time overseas without a parent. It's so exciting!

I remember creating this blog a year ago for the purpose of letting everyone keep in touch with my movements in Japan since the trip I'm taking tomorrow I also took this time last year. I'm spending most of my time in Tokyo (Asakusa) with a 2 day trip to Kyoto in the middle. You can guarantee I'll be spending much time in Akihabara. I've quite the shopping list.

You'll all be able to keep up with my movements as I plan to blog every day, or every few days at least. I even saved my card for a net cafe in the area I'll be staying in while in Tokyo.


Life throws the strangest twists and turns. I'm always learning more about myself...well...more like what people hate about me. No matter what I say nowadays it's always the wrong thing, and no matter how much it eats at me or how much remorse I feel, those who criticize me never seem to care. My apologies fall on deaf ears. Maybe it's because I'm ignorant as to what I did in the first place. It doesn't matter how I feel or what I do, the only thing that matters is how people take it; it's most often the wrong way. I'm getting kind of tired of it myself, always being the bad guy. I'm starting to feel that it's not worth it when others can't admit their own faults while I have no problem admitting my own, and there's no forgiveness in their hearts. This vacation will be good for me. Those who I'm having troubles with right now I hope to be able to start anew with on my return. Isn't it a crying shame those who I called friends are seeing me off on a trip with, "I'm done with you". *ignore*

I don't need this in my life, but I'm not backing away. I believe in forgiveness and I believe hiccups are worth it to overcome for all the good there is to be had.


I actually went down to Sakura-con in Seattle last weekend but held back my spending because I know I'll be in Akihabara soon enough. I did however purchase Asakura Ryoko figma for $20 US...which I found to be quite a deal. Here's some pictures I took with my new camera, Nikon D90:

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Q said...

Uni finishes in April for Canada? I don't seem to know the education systems in North America at all...

Btw Happy Anniversary! It sounds like that you've been through quite a bit. Hope your trip to Japan will give you a fresh start on things.

20USD is quite a deal for a figma indeed. What are the last 2 figures though?

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