Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kaito Explores Tokyo

Over the last two days with beautiful weather I've had the chance to get into my cosplay and wander around the city. I had an absolute blast. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was taking second looks at me and I heard so many times people refer to me as "Kaito-san" or even "Kaito-sama" behind my back. If they didn't know who I was I'd usually hear "Kakoi~!" which I found meant they thought I looked cool. I had a few folks approach me for photos. I was waving to people who approached me or smiled at me and stared. On so many occasions one person would see me and then inform the rest to turn and look. I didn't know I was this much of an attention whore because none of this bothers me. I had a 5 year old use a word which means both "shameful" and "embarassing" on different occasions when talking to me.

I tried to get pictures of everyone who took a picture with me but Billy was not present at all times to take the photos. I am, however, profoundly greatful that he was able to take such awesome pictures of me in the city.

The adventure started yesterday in Akihabara where I whipped out the cosplay and did some minor shopping. I got stopped by a delightful group of girls who wanted pictures with Kaito-san. I also saw a Haruhi cosplayer who was handing out flyers for a cosplay cafe and she let me take a photo with her.

Today I ended up in Ikebukuro at Sunshine City (Otome Road...BL Town) and I stayed ever so briefly. The stop there was actually on our way back from Nakano Broadway where we did some otaku shopping before heading back to Akihabara (for the second day in a row for me as Kaito).

I spent some time at Nakano Broadway today. This is where the costume first went on today. I wandered into a cosplay shop that had all the VOCALOID cosplays in it and had some giggles from the clerks and customers. I have to give props to Danny Choo for recommending this place for us. It really was a neat little treasure trove. It's funny how Mandarake (a buy-back chain) had about 60% ownership of the stores we'd go into:

Of course I ended up in Akihabara again today where I spent more time as Kaito than I did yesterday. I'll just let you all scroll down to read the rest for each picture. Here's some of me waving goodbye to Akihabara, the electric town otaku mecha of the world...

Read the rest after this, they're mostly Akihabara pictures; image-heavy but resized for web:

Some shots of me with some random people who wanted to take my picture:

A cute duo of girls who patiently waited for me to drag Billy out of the 2chan store to take a picture of the two of them with me. They were too shy to ask anyone else to do it for them. It was very cute...

After that some guys came out of the maid cafe I was standing around and they all wanted pictures with me (you'll see one further down), but when they were done this huge group of maids came around the corner in a bunch (I have no idea why, I never see them travel in bunches). They started getting excited and wanted to take pictures of course. One of them can be seen clinging to me (the cutest one there in my opinion) where she confessed to loving me and then they all ran into the cafe. It must have been a shift change or something. I went back to that maid cafe as Kaito the next day (but saw none of the 5 pictured below):

Another maid wanted a picture. I asked if I could hold her sign for it. I ended up going to her cafe the next day. When I was there I had another maid show me her and her co-worker doing Miku and Len cosplays. I let her take a picture of me. The dumb thing was that they wouldn't let me get a picture with my camera unless I paid 500 yen. I decided not to argue with that. I shouldn't get special treatment. I was just happy to have her get a photo with me just because she wanted to.

This is a group of girls who ran at me in Ikebukuro station on my way to Akihabara. They didn't know who I was but asked me my name and where I was from and wanted a picture as well:

This Haruhi was really excited to see me. She was exclaiming, "AH! KAITO!" and the big fuzzy one was wiggling its arms at me with enthusiasm:

Here's me outside of Gamers. Danny Choo can be seen dancing and playing a guitar exactly a week ago in this same spot:

A cross walk in Ikebukuro. Those people staring at me were 2 of about 50 sets of eyes across the street:

How Kaito gets around...

And here's one of the awesome dudes who came out of the maid cafe before I was assaulted by the group of maids a few seconds later:

...and that's probably just a little bit of what I could be writing about. But I think I'll stop there. Kaito is very tired.


misakichii said...

Very nice pictures! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

pus2meong said...

Kinda unfair, they got your pics while you must pay them 500 yen if you wanna use your own camera.

But I guess, that's already their job. They might get scolded by their manager if giving a free shot ^_^

Rin said...

Just wow!!!!
Now I wonder should I cosplay as Luca (Macross Frontier) when I go to Akihabara when I go on my trip. I can go as Len from Vocaloid again...but...yea..bad idea...
I have to remake that cosplay...I should though...

phossil said...

Lol XD
When all this happened?? on sunday??

Kazearashi said...

Cute girls spotted!!!

I guess cosplay is needed to attract girls attention xDD

Oh well, anyway, looks like you had so much fun there ^^ Makes me really want to go there now... xD

gordon said...

have been following your japan holiday coverage and i must say it certainly looks fun. must be exciting to walk around in your kaito cosplay, especially with all the attention. will love to troop down akihabara one day as well (with a resident trooper of course) if i ever had the chance. ^^

puppy52doll said...

you're brave to cosplay out of town!

Steve said...

That's incredible! Cosplaying to get cute girls to come to you is an excellent idea :)

You are so lucky to have that maid cling on you!

Hao said...

Kakkoi jan! Your outfit looks great and it really seems to attract lots of J gals too ^^

Would've been fun to see you cosplaying somewhere around in Japan =)

andra said...

BRAVO BRAVO! ^^ you look great in your Kaito cosplay! Looks like sooo much fun to cosplay! But I havent try that yet ^^;

Cosplay said...

wow.. it,s crazy man..
but it's cool
i will do it sometimes

Troy said...

Touring the streets of Tokyo in that suit looks pretty cool. You have a great anime outfit there!

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