Monday, April 27, 2009

To Kyoto and Back Again

I'm back in Tokyo for a few more days before I'll have to pack up and come home. I really don't want to but really you can only stay here, wander around, shop til' you drop for so long.

Yesterday I returned from my trip to Kyoto so I'll share with everyone what we did. Upon arrival I made my previous blog post about those girls who discovered I was a VOCALOID cosplayer and then I headed to bed expecting a wonderful day of tourism and excitment...I awoke to it being pouring rain outside. The last 2 years in Kyoto for me have been bad weather. Of course it was sunny when we were on the train to go back to Tokyo the next day.

Read the rest and see photos:

First morning we were in Kyoto we went to the Golden Pavillion (in the rain) and were approached by another nice group of 15-year-old school girls from some islands off the coast who wanted to get a picture with us. We obliged of course.

The afternoon was our Nara tour where it actually started to clear up a little bit. I visited Todai-ji temple for my third trip in a row and saw the wild but docile deer in the park (roughly 1000 in population). The temple is the biggest wooden structure in the world and before it burned down and was rebuilt it was 12 pillars wide (currently 8). Inside is the biggest bronze Bhudda in the world as well. It's hard to show pictures of it to justify just how massive this place is.

Next morning before we had to head off to Tokyo we took a quick taxi ride up to Kiyomizu temple which is a 1300-year-old temple on a mountainside overlooking Kyoto. It's in most anime and such whenever Kyoto is featured as a school trip or something. I'd always wanted to go and finally was able to (last 2 trips to Kyoto I never ended up going). Jon and I posed with more people because we're the Super Gaijin...that's the only reason I can think of really...and then we got stalked by more school girls and had them speak to us to practice their English. After that it was off to Tokyo again.

Today we went to the Pokemon Center and Tokyo Tower. The Pokemon Center took us a bit of wandering aimlessly through city blocks to find but once we did we went inside and were greeted by cute women in pikachu headbands. Everything Pokemon imaginable was in this place. Tyson wasted more than a few 100 yen coins on gashapon machines trying to get all the toys he wanted; I ended up buying little figures of all the Eevee evolutions. We walked to Tokyo Tower from the Poke-center after that. For the first time it wasn't crowded, nor hot, but it was still the same view of the same things on an overcast day. I did manage a nice shot or two. Later, we were going to go to Ueno Zoo and have kobe beef but the zoo AND the restaurant were closed so we just wasted time in the park and then did some shopping at Yodobashi Camera (think Future Shop).

So that's really everything up to date right now. I'll be posting tomorrow about the Washinomiya Shrine adventure we had before we went to Kyoto. In the mean time, here's a shot I took of Nendoroid Itoshiki-sensei from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei hanging from the lamp string in my hostel bedroom:


phossil said...

Great picures. Any problem with the weather at the moment?? I hope not

Rin said...

You must give me the directions of the tourist attractions you went I'm going to Kyoto for a week in the summer.
So many nice pics and your lucky to have some school girls stalk you...