Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tokyo Arrival

Well now! I am amazed that I am still alive wow. I woke up at 9AM and went to the airport to catch my flight to Tokyo, I chose to transit everywhere by train because I was confident in my own skills of booking tickets, buying tickets, and getting to all the right places.

I am happy to report that I have arrived safe and satisfied...and it is now the equivalent to 5:30AM back home meaning I'm well past my bedtime. The hostel I am staying in gives me a western-style matress in a very traditional Japanese tatami-floored room. I have my own bath and shower and toilet and everything (which is really good for a hostel). I'll share pictures of everything later. ^^

So what's first on my list? AKIHABARA OF COURSE!

I've got a huge shopping list compiled for myself and for my friends so I'll be starting in the biggest electronics and anime mecha of the world, Akihabara. But of course having a hearty breakfast at a Japanese Denny's (nothing like Denny's in NA). I've so far enjoyed a Mos Burger on my arrival...but don't worry, I won't be eating western fast food all the time...

Other stuff I have planned? Hit up the tourist spots in Tokyo and also the Ghibli museum. I make a side trip to Kyoto I'll write about later...I'm really tired right now.


Godpir said...

Congrats! How much did it cost you for tickets and hotel accomodations when you booked your flight. I'm thinking of going to Japan, but am not so sure how much it would be approximately. If you could please let me know.

Hayasaki-kun said...

YAY! Good to hear that you arrived safely =D I'm looking forward to your post about your trip in Japan!! XD

nhat said...

awesome man, keep us updated!

Godpir said...

Wow that's really expensive...I guess I won't be going until I find a good career or job and can save up some money. Congrats on being able to go

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