Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Washinomiya - Lucky Star Town

As promised, this will be my little mini-report about Washinomiya Shrine.

What we did was venture off about an hour away from Tokyo (heading north-east I believe) to the absolute middle of nowhere. Farmlands, houses, narrow streets, barely any traffic, and fresh air. We found out that there was a big...monument...thing...that they carried through the town. There's an abundance of news articles regarding the popularity of this small town since the anime series aired, but I'll leave that to you to find on your own. Here's my experience:

I had some directions in my head that I'd read online and once exiting the station we started to head towards where the shrine was. It was easy to notice that virtually every shop had something Lucky Star-related on their window. There was even a Lucky Star cafe:

It was pretty funny how commercialized this small town got after the show. I almost had a fan-gasm when I saw this:

The shrine itself has been reduced to this, fans putting up pictures and prayers regarding hopeful second seasons of the show or declarations of love for their favourite characters:

I of course made one as well: