Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anime Evolution 2009 Convention Report

This year was the first year Anime Evolution has taken place in the Vancouver Convention Center. It's a brand-spankin'-new building able to accommodate the mass that is AE (with room to spare, plenty of it). The VCC was a great place to hold AE, however the only drawback I see is that I have to say I will actually miss Simon Fraser University. It felt more like "home" for this convention and the vast outdoor space with grass to sit on was always always advantageous.

** Photo credits go to Billy Cheng, Dan Wu, and Chun('s husband).

My Cosplays:

Snow Villiers - Final Fantasy XIII
(please notice my friend Stephanie creeping in the background)

Ike - Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Fire Emblem)

KAITO - Vocaloid

I debuted two new cosplays this year, Ike from SSBB, and Snow Villiers from FFXIII (and brought back Vocaloid KAITO as well). Last year was the first time I did KAITO and I ended up having a great time at the meet-up photoshoot meeting all sorts of new people. This year, not so much. I can't say I didn't have a great time this year because I did, but for a totally different reason than last year. This year I felt closer to my SIAT (school) friends than ever. It's more like finding a place I belong? I've seen too clearly where I don't belong over this last year.

For the first time in 5 years, I actually participated in the cosplay contest. With my Super Smash Bros. Brawl group, we did a skit. Hilda's (Marth's) sister, Florence, taped us so video credit goes to her. We didn't win, but I had lots of fun anyways. The group that DID win I am amazed with. It was the Kamloops crew that comes down every year who won with their Chrono Trigger skit. At the end of it, the Crono proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years (Marle). It was probably the most touching thing I'd seen since the first ten minutes of Pixar's "Up". Please watch their video here, and watch ours below:

Embedded video. If it doesn't work, go here.

I ran into a total of three Danny members while I was there. Chun, LightningSabre, and Akari. Akari I found out I had met after the fact because he was so shy in asking who I was that I misunderstood what he was asking me, but Chun and LightningSabre I found together in the Art Gallery. They were like, "lulz cleartranquil" and I'm liek "lulz chun! wow lightningsabre too~!".

Yeah something like that.

Well, anyways. It was good meeting them in person. I even got to pose with one of Chun's little dollies.

Please continue reading for pictures of the fun I had. There's no shortage of photos from the convention itself floating around the internet and Facebook if you want to see what else went on. As of now, this group has 6500+ photos.

Continue for more:

VOCALOIDs goofing around:

There were quite a few VOCALOIDs this year. About as many as last year, I suppose, but with more variety. Last year I was the only male VOCALOID cosplayer, this year I had Johnny as Akaito. He's the spice that melts my ice cream (Yes, it's meant to sound suggestive). I was very impressed to see a Honne Dell and Yowane Haku show up this year (and I knew the Dell!). It was also great to see a couple of girls do Meiko and Neru as well.

Ike fights for his friends:

Remember, it's not gay if the tips don't touch. Here's Hilda, Joanna, and myself as Marth, Roy, and Ike (respectively). We had fun taking some photos together (even managed a Brawl shoot that day) before we did the skit.

Snow and company:

This is pretty much how my Sunday was: Just hanging out with my school friends in my Snow cosplay. I posed with Rifa, the awesome Zidane (with an even more awesome Freya 2 years prior), and an awesome Yoko cosplayer. My friends Andrew and Nathan went as gender-bent Haruhi Suzumiya and Nagato Yuki. They were recognized surprisingly. Stephanie, when she's not photo-bombing my pictures (see above), was Lenne (FFX-2) most of the time but also below is her lolita fashion cosplay. Ain't she cute?

I leave you with this, Billy as Abe-san. Nice guy with a guitar.



Lightning Sabre said...

Oh cool that was the gender bent Nagato Yuki that I saw XD

And I am VERY surprised at the amount of VOCALOID cosplayers this year. It's like booming or something 0.o I remember it was only you and a group doing that last year in UBC.

Heheh and yep, that's pretty much how we met in the art gallery, lulz!

stephinika. said...

hehe yay i'm mentioned in your blog XD LOL and I didn't mean to creep in that pic, I swear!

but yay ae09, can't wait until the next!

chun said...

it was great to bump into you lol and thanks for crediting :D I said before and will say again, you're so tall o_o!

theinfernoproject said...

Nice coverage and photos. Now I know who lightningsabre was talking about when he mentioned "that tall Kaito". ^^

lovelyduckie said...

Your friend makes a lovely Lenne :)

Conventions do look like fun, I have to admit I'm a bit curious and should probably go to one before I get too old and really feel awkward about going. I'm not the shy type but something about a convention makes me feel shy lol. Probably cause if I went I'd have to balls it out and go SOLO.

Brooks said...

Hey I just came around your blog and saw your cosplays! They're pretty sick haha.

I been meaning to start a Kaito cosplay for a while now and I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing how you made yours?

Did you modify a pattern or make your own?

I appreciate any reponse!

Cosplay said...

It,s cool man..
I wish i can make anime celebration in my country

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