Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anime Evolution 2010 Convention Report

This is my 7th Anime Evolution! I can't believe I've been doing it for this long. This year the convention moved back to the UBC Student Union Building (Where it was in 2008). I must say I actually prefer the UBC campus over the classic SFU or last year's Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Center. Although I miss the air conditioning of VCEC, UBC was able to provide everything in such close proximity and had the same homely feeling AE had back when it was still at SFU. They were able to improve on their setup from 2008 by adding a few new buildings for main events, gaming, panels, and the like. There was also lots of shade outside and plenty of room for nice photos of the cosplayers. Speaking of which, I didn't re-use any of my cosplays this year either - I was sporting 2 new ones.

Complete gallery of images I took can be found HERE.

My costumes this year were Lang from Ace Attorney Investigations on the Friday, and TK from Angel Beats! Saturday and Sunday. My girlfriend, Sabrina, dressed up as Shiina from Angel Beats! to go with my TK. :)

Above: Lang and Shiina - Below: TK and Shiina (Credit - Dan Wu)

This was the first year after all my con-going in the past that I actually stayed at the venue. Usually I would have to do the 1 hour commute each way (regardless of the venue) every day of the convention and often-times not even attend the final day out of shear laziness. We stayed at the Gage Towers which was directly across the street from the SUB (Main area). The Gage also had a few event rooms in it as well for panels and gaming which put us right in the middle of the action. I can't stress how convenient it was to be able to stay RIGHT there. I stayed in a 6-bedroom suite with some friends. I should probably mention that my situation was rather unique...I was staying with these folks:

Do you have any idea how green and purple our bathroom was? :P It was a real blast. I got to see and help out with the hour-long paint-up sessions in the mornings. Another life-of-the-con cosplayer was with us as well - Our room used for storage for my friend's Danboard cosplay:

Staying at the Gage had another high point as well. My friend (Shane) was staffing the convention and it just so happens that a floor above mine was having a staff party. They'd invited voice actors and some of the bands up to it as well. Shane convinced a reluctant me to get out of my PJ's and come up to join the action. When Sabrina, Shane and myself got upstairs, we went directly out on the balcony to stay a bit out of the way and see who might come out to join us. After about 5 minutes some guys show up. It turns out it was 3 of the members of Team Four Star - Yes, the DBZ Abridged guys. Voice actors and all. To be more specific, we were hanging out with Lanipator (Vegeta/Popo/Picollo) and Takahata101 (Nappa/Cell). They had a few drinks in them and were quite content just goofing off with us for about half an hour before they got tired and went back to their room to rest. I didn't let them get away without doing some of the famous lines for me. Takahata ended up kissing my hand before he left - A pretty random and eventful night. I was standing by the keg and ended up serving beer to people for an hour or so out there on the balcony. It was pretty good stuff.

I found the dealers room to be highly disappointing. Not that I don't appreciate the number of vendors or the quantity of merchandise available, but the only things I was interested in buying were all BOOTLEGS. The average con-goer doesn't care about that stuff but serious collectors were highly out of luck this year. I did end up buying a few small Chrono Trigger statues (which are amazing) and a bootleg Reimu (Touhou) plushie. I didn't mind the bootleg plushie of something for 1/4 the price of the real thing when I'm not treating it as a collector's item. I also think there was far too much fashion in the dealer's room this year. We needed a few more game vendors and figure vendors for my to be appeased.

Final Verdict:

Probably the best convention for me yet overall. Some of the previous conventions handled things better but on the whole this was probably the best for me. Just hanging out with my friends was what I valued. The events I went to this year were ALL good. I especially liked the Pokémon Theories panel that had a full-house. What's better than listening to a bunch of geeks argue about Pokémon? Nothing I tell you. As I said before, UBC was the perfect location for this convention. I was also never hungry like at previous conventions. The food selection here was incredible. Funny thing is, unlike previous years, I didn't make a huge amount of new friends...I think I kind of know most of them already. However, I'm already looking forward to next year and I've already started making my cosplay plans! Maybe I'll go to Sakura-con 2011 next April?

How should I end this...Oh yeah, I'm going to Tokyo in 3 days. :D


This was a really amazing One Piece group! The Robin is especially amazing! ;)

Pedobear X Danboard

Futurama for the win. They role-played their characters too!

Sabrina startled the witch!


Yaranaika? You never know when it's coming.

Meron-pan, OM NOM NOM!

These guys did a great in the contest.

There was so much Pokémon this year. You have no idea...

And on Sunday, a challenger appears!

One final picture I have to share, credit to Jun Ying:


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Anonymous said...

Hi, wow thanks for the One Piece group comment! I was the Robin, my names Casey, I am honored that you thought I was especially good. I greatly appreciate you mentioning us in your blog :D