Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bound for Tokyo! (Again)

That's right. I'm off to Tokyo for the 4th time - I've gone every year for the last 4 years. The first year I went with just my dad and had a blast. The second year my dad came again but I brought my friend Jordan with me. The third year it was me and 4 of my friends - I played the tour guide having been there twice before. This time I'm going with my girlfriend! I have a friend from school and her sister meeting me there for 5 days as well.

I've thoroughly blogged about last year's trip here: Reminiscence of Japan

I'm staying in Tokyo for the entirety of my trip this year (Usually I'd go to Kyoto for a few days). However, I might take some day trips outside of the city but be back by night. I hope to spend a little less time at Akihabara this year and actually get a chance to do some OTHER STUFF. Last year was a ridiculous amount of shopping:

But I do hope to cosplay again. Sabrina wants to as well:

Some things I hope to do this year (Some I've done before but want to do again):

Tokyo Tower
Rikugien Garden
Ghibli Museum
Ganko Ramen (Grumpy old man in a shack selling ramen)
Good Smile Café
Pokémon Center

Some places I need to go:

Akihabara, Nakano, Ikebukuro (for otaku shopping)
Shinjuku (Square Enix showroom)
Odaiba (Palette Town, Tokyo Big Sight, Rainbow Bridge)
Harajuku (Fashion and cosplay, Yoyogi park)
Shibuya (Clothing, Mandarake)
Ginza (Sony Building, MUJI)
Ueno (Market, zoo)

I leave tomorrow afternoon and will arrive Monday night Tokyo Time - *Really* late Sunday Vancouver time.