Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 1 - Akihabara and JUMP Shop!

Well I've arrived in Tokyo and already enjoyed my first day out. I have to first of all say I underestimated just how hot and humid it really would be. The heat I can somewhat deal with, it's the lack of escape from it I can't. Being in the shade or in the cover of night makes no difference, the air is so hot you can barely breathe. But, I will press on, it's for good cause! After all, my hostel has amazing air conditioning. Did I mention I'm staying in the SAME ROOM in the same hostel from last year? By special request they gave me my old room. :D

I spent my first day here (after a traditional Denny's breakfast) in Akihabara. This involved arriving there at 10:00, going to Kotobukiya first (waiting for everything else to open at 11:00), and working my way up the floors of the building making notes of the prices of things I wanted to buy. The day flew by. I only ended up going along the right side of the main drag. I also didn`t buy as many ``big`` purchases yet; I ended up making notes about prices instead in preparation for my trip to Nakano Broadway today. I have a few things on my wish list, the most notable being One Piece POP Strong World Robin and the TouHou Marisa / Reimu Nendoroids - all of which I've found here for substantially better pricing than I would have found online.

It absolutely sucks that the exchange rate has dropped, however. It means that when I run out of cash I exchanged back when it was about 10% difference, I'll have to pay 25% more for JPY instead.

Here are some pictures of the motherland:

My lunch was a ramen place on the top for of Yodobashi Camera most memorable from my last trip . We made our own gyoza sauce using everything we found on the table - this trip was no exception to that.

And let us not forget these:

After lunch we decided to go to the JUMP shop before we ran out of time in Akihabara (which we knew we would have). I was mainly in it for the One Piece stuff. There was a ridiculous amount of people in the store, so much so that it was lined up out the door to pay for stuff. I bought a Gomu Gomu fruit not knowing what would be in it (the thing had no label or price on it but I knew I'd have to get one). Opening it I found it to contain.......gomu gomu (gummie candies). So it turned out to be a "Gomu gomu no gomu gomu".

Annnnnnd here's my infamous swag pictures from the day: